Tebow to the CFL

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The politics of football.....but especially in the NFL. I remember Flutie being a victim of it too.

Ain't gonna happen. He'll be down South his whole career. He draws too much attention. Teams will keep picking him up just for the publicity (like the Jets did this year). I hope he gets a crack to actually be a starter, because I actually believe the guy can become a great QB. (I know I'm in the minority with that opinion) We already know he's a winner.

Tebow is not about the money or the glitter. He wants to lead a football team and if he can't get an opportunity in the next two years. I can see him coming up to work with Trestman and if he is successful would be great exposure for the league IMO.

Can't see this guy coming up north in the foreseeable future. There will be interest by other NFL teams even if it means playing behind someone else. I think from watching his play that he still has a way to go especially in the passing game but he can't go anywhere but up.

even Joe Theismann does not believe Tebow can succeed in the CFL..

[b]Theismann, who played quarterback in the CFL and the NFL, thinks the New York Jets' backup pivot is ill-suited to the demands of the game north of the border. Speaking on The TEAM 1040 in Vancouver on Wednesday, Theismann discussed the challenges that Tebow might face should he try to play in the Canadian league.

"Tebow can't play in the CFL. The field is wider, it's bigger. He has trouble throwing the football. I can't see him succeed," explained Theismann.
"If you want to play quarterback at any level, Pop Warner, high school, college, professional, you have to be able to complete passes. You can't be a sub-50 per cent passer and be successful in any league. [/b]


I can see him going someplace other than up. Maybe down. Or sideways, as a journeyman backup who fades from view and then memory.

Joe who? Gators were a major force to contend with when we had Tebow here...so uh Joe don't know

'nuff said??

[url=http://blogs.theprovince.com/2012/12/20/with-regard-to-tim-tebow-why-the-cfl-doesnt-need-another-nfl-reject/]http://blogs.theprovince.com/2012/12/20 ... fl-reject/[/url]

Still like the guy though.

Problem with Joe's comments is that Tebow was a 67% average as a four year starter in the toughest NCAA conference. 9 to 1 TD to interception ratio and a carreer QB rating of 177%. We all know he's not a pocket passer and his mechanics need work. Blows me away how badly people crap on him considering the QB's we've seen come through this league. White, Boltus,Palmer. Give me a break. He would have as good a chance as anybody.

I can't believe people think tebow is a QB. He can't throw on a postage stamp ,how will he throw up here. He is a useless QB, who has already had his 15 minutes of fame.

Its a different animal alltogether. NFL are timed throws where velocity and accuracy is key. CFL the importance is throwing a catchable ball to an anticipated spot. Calvillo and Ray are the top two QB's in the league and they have some of the "weakest" relatively speaking arms in the league. But they throw the most catchable ball. He needs work but arm strenght is not the issue. Trestman worked with him during two off season and he wants to coach him. He must have a pretty good idea what TT needs.

I would take Trestman's projection of what Tebow could do in the CFL over some of the other so called experts. He has worked closely with Tebow in some off seasons and knows what he would be getting. Tebow reminds me of a bigger Jackie Parker who wasn't the best passer in CFL history, but he did alright.
But I don't know if Tebow would really want to come to the CFL and get backup QB money (75,000)? to start. As a #1 NFL pick he would have made a few million. TV commentator may be in his future, just like Jesse Palmer.

Plus we'd have all the players doing the kneel thing!

8) Latest report from ESPN is that the Jets will either trade Tebow, or simply release him at the end of the season.
   Tebow would prefer to be released, and in all likelihood he will be, and then he will sign with the Jacksonville Jaguars !!

Jacksonville Jaguars will wind up with Tebow.

8) That is what I just said !!!!

Jets already refused to trade Tebow this year ... the Jags already tried
The Jets really screwed the guy over and really don't know what all the hate on the guy is about he may not be a strong passer but he can get the job done and he may not be the best but damn there is no merit for all the hate the guy gets

He has never had a true shot with the Jets but he is 1-1 with them his only real shot came in his second year with Denver where
he started 11 games and went 7-4 ( that's not bad and that includes a playoff win )

all together he is 9-7 he has a winning record has a great attitude a great work ethic can get team mates fired up

Don't go looking for him in the CFL he has some promise here in the NFL left

Even though he is currently a back up and he may or may not progress to a starter Tebow has too much star power to end up in the CFL Where ever he goes media follows. I can imagine him just wearing a t-shirt for say nike is worth as much as a CFL teams salary cap. He has a good image and well spoken. Once his playing days are up you will likely see him end up in broadcasting in someway shape or form which will also likely be more lucrative than a top salary in the CFL.

My opinion on Tim is a little different. i just think he is a winner. Going into this season he had more wins than any QB drafted at the same time as him in the NFL. The Jets wasted this season, i would have played him, not a big fan of Sanchez. He will never have the greatest stats, but I think he can win in the NFL or CFL with the right team. I read his book and the one thing I took out of it is nobody will outwork him. He hads been told he is not a QB his whole life.

I understand all of his critics complaining about his arm and accuracy but i go back to the winner part. I'd take him on my team regardless of position but would leave him at QB.

Go Cats and Chris Williams, Chris was robbed of all CFL at the WR position.