Tebow to Ottawa?

This could be a possibility. Word has it that he will be cut by the Pats before the season starts. His Nfl options are pretty much done. Maybe Ottawa signs him when the league is back up and running and have an instant draw for the die hards and the casual fan alike. Hopefully the Redblacks can acquire his rights. I think it's a win win for all involved.

I agree if he's available, he's certainly somewhat to take a serious look at. But not to guarantee to him that he'll be the starting qb before he even steps in a CFL team's camp. He might do well in a Flutie type offence, give him lots of flexibility to improvise and run and throw on the run etc. A different type of offence but one that suits the CFL more than the rigid NFL style. Or more rigid NFL style of dropping back in the pocket always.

he who can't pass, can't play in the CFL.

tangle, some said, if I remember correctly, Flutie wouldn't do well in the CFL. Wrong.

True, Earl, but the key difference here is that they said Flutie was too small, not that he couldn't pass.

Flutie could pass accurately; Tebow can't.

The one throw that Tebow makes consistently is the deep route. His touch on short passes is not good right now. With the right offense, he can be a good QB. Jets ruined him last year. Redblacks would have a player with a huge upside and a downside that can't get much lower

another recent article on Tebow's prospects (or lack thereof) in the CFL:

[b][u]Tim Tebow Not Fit for NFL, CFL, or Arena League[/u]

unless Tebow switches to a strictly blocking position, he is not talented enough to play in leagues like the Canadian Football League and Arena Football League.

The reason why is speed. Speed doesn’t just kill; speed is currency in football. It’s the dollar, the deutsche mark. A player without a basic modicum of it is a brontosaurus in a league of tyrannosaurus rex.

That lack of speed is evident in three critical phases of Tebow’s game: His throwing motion, his mental acuity and his ability to avoid tacklers.

The problem with Tebow playing in the CFL is that, while the league is obviously a lesser platform than the NFL, it's still pretty good. Don't forget: Warren Moon, who in my opinion is one of the top 10 NFL quarterbacks of all time, played in the CFL.
The level of athleticism has progressed significantly since Moon transitioned to the NFL in the early 80s. Also, the CFL has always been a passing league, and Tebow can’t, you know, pass. Or run.

[url=http://bleacherreport.com/articles/1745264-scouts-honor-patriots-tim-tebow-not-fit-for-nflor-cflor-arena-league?utm_source=cnn.com&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=editorial&hpt=hp_t3]http://bleacherreport.com/articles/1745 ... &hpt=hp_t3[/url]


apples to oranges Earl

Flutie actually had immense talent as a QB, a great arm with precision accuracy and excellent mobility.
It was his small stature that gave GM's reservations.

Tebow, however, cannot pass period.

Agree, from what I saw of Tebow, he isn’t as nearly of accurate of a passer compared with Flutie. If he can’t pass, eventually the db’s in the CFL would eat him apart.

Still.... Kerry Joseph was really a running back who served as a QB. He developed his game but his is the model that a Tebow would follow.

Except that Joseph could run. Tebow isn't scaring anyone with his feet these days.

This whole thing makes no sense. The entire goal of Hunt and the other new owners in Ottawa is to be taken seriously, instead of the circus that's been there in the past. Bringing in Tebow for his name when he clearly isn't good enough is the exact opposite of that.

It's not happening.

Tebow can't throw accurately across the field in the nfl how will he do it on a bigger field. If he wants to continuea pro football career in any league he needs a position change.

All Tebow had was one season with a powehouse D and the media created this myth that he was great. The jets didn't ruin him. They didn't even use him. So if by they killed the media driven myth that he was a capable qb then yes I guess they ruined him. He can't even throw deep balls accurately. Every time he throws its 50% that it will be completed a d 50% that it won't even be close. And as for speed he was never fast just a brick sh** housr that couldn't be tackled.

Maybe Ottawa signs him when the league is back up and running ??? Does this refer to next year or with the league shutting down supposedly next year :roll: :stuck_out_tongue: 2015 ??? :? :lol:

LOL, good one !

Sign him as a publicity stunt, then cut him, :twisted:

Tebow is trash... You're embarrassing yourself if you think he should ever get an opportunity to play in Canada, one of the worst passers the game of Football has ever seen. This thread shouldn't even be up, its offensive.

Mattsdad33 strikes again !!!!!

I'm not so sure he's the "worst passer ever" but you never know how a player can play unless he plays. Many successful CFL QB's have had supposedly weird throwing motions, like Mike Reilly who was tagged with that down south but seems to throw the ball fine in Canada.

I'd say give him a chance if he's available. Maybe with the bigger field and larger completion window he could be successful here? The publicity for the RedBlacks would be tremendous, drawing huge ratings in the U.S and Canada if he ever started a game.

I don't think he'll come north personally. He could make way more money retiring and going on the preaching circuit. But if he did, don't write Timmy T being able to be successful up here too easily. He doesn't have a rocket arm, granted. But go back and watch some of his play with the Broncos, particularly the playoff game where they beat the Steelers in OT. And in the CFL he won't have to hit such narrow windows to his receivers as he has to in the NFL. He's got good legs to extend plays and drives. The biggest thing is he finds ways to win games despite his deficiencies. With the right coaching he could be a good QB up here. Or he could be horrible. We won't know for sure till he steps on the field.