Tebow now considers playing in CFL

...but would the CFL want Tim Tebow?
Could the mechanically challenged Tebow succeed in a passing league with 65 yard wide playing fields, 3 downs, and an extra man?
I have serious doubts but who knows unless given the opportunity.

[b]Tim Tebow might not be done playing professional football

Tebow, the former Broncos, Jets, Patriots and Eagles quarterback, would consider playing in the Canadian Football League, according to his college coach Urban Meyer. When Mike Mayock told Meyer on NFL Network that Tebow needs the kind of experience the CFL provides, Meyer said he agrees, and added that Tebow would consider it if he found the right CFL opportunity.

“I think that’s a great point and I was actually in a conversation with him about going to Canada. The situation — his family and I were involved in it — we just didn’t think it was the right one. I think if there’s a right one I think he’d probably do it,? Meyer said.

Meyer acknowledged that Tebow still has work to do as a passer, and he said he was disappointed that Tebow wasn’t able to make the Eagles’ roster last year.

“He does have somewhat of an awkward throwing motion at times,? he said. “I really thought the Chip Kelly experience would be his opportunity — I really hope he gets his foot in the door.?

To get his foot in the door, Tebow may have to head north of the border.[/b]

[url=http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2016/02/27/tim-tebow-would-consider-the-cfl-urban-meyer-says/]http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/20 ... eyer-says/[/url]

TO needs a successor to Ray and Torontonians LOVE “big league” names.

Should have done what Theissman, Moon, Flutie, Garcia did, come here first, same with Manziel. Tebow now? I don’t know, I doubt he’s any good any more, too tainted. I’d rather take a chance on a top notch qb that is under the radar with the NFL due to him playing in a lower NCAA division or even a Canadian university qb with lots of motivation and enough skills.

Tebow coming to the CFL ??? Why ??? There's plenty of good jobs still available in the NFL !!!

Riders need a QB so looks likely will happen

Or not

I thought he was on Montreal neg list at one time.

He is waiting too long and has let his ego get in the way . He is a College game day host and may have become too soft for hard knocks low pay CFL . He would need to train like a mad man and become humble enough to come here
and make a name for himself while waiting his turn to play .

As far as I know he is still on Montreal's neg list.

I heard Meyers comments during the combine but I didn't come to the conclusion from it that Tebow had a change of heart.

Then they would have 4 Q.B's that are light years ahead of what B.C's has at # 1. Not good for the league IMO . :stuck_out_tongue:

Not likely to happen brian.
Glad Tebow is not part of the NY Jets Football Team either.

Tebow is a poor man's Mike Bishop. If Bishop couldn't cut it in the CFL, why would anyone think Tebow could?

You can't play QB at the pro level if you don't have accuracy. And, like Bishop, that's something badly lacking with Tebow.

On top of the accuracy issues, Tebow's arm strength isn't anywhere close to what Bishop had.

The only real hope for Tebow playing in the CFL would be a role similar to that of Jordy Lynch in Edmonton.

He doesn't have the arm for the NFL...I am sure a bigger field would do him wonders.

Absolutely nothing like Bishop. Tebow doesn't have the arm strength, Bishop had a cannon. If you can't make the wide side throw you can't be successful as a QB in the CFL, can't run on every play.

His moxie, strength, intangibles and leadership qualities could carry him a long way in the CFL. There've been many other QB's in the CFL who've found success without possesing a rocket arm...even with a moderate or weak arm (although accuracy is essential). Other strengths could be his ability to sense and evade the pass rush, throw accurately on the run and optionally turn it up-field and break a few tackles for extended gains.

Having a strong, accurate arm is definitely an asset in the CFL, but is it essential? Could he win games, like he did in Denver and the playoffs and college...in the CFL? Perhaps with a strong team defence and a traditional TE/FB run-oriented offence like in the CFL's glory days? (Russ Jackson, regarded as one of the best QB's in history, was a career 53.6% passer (185 Td's), averaging 110 completions per year, over his 12-year career. Jackson was also a powerful runner, gaining over 5,000 yds (54 Td's) in 12 seasons).

Does Tebow have a weak arm...or just an unusual throwing motion? I saw him wing some pretty long bombs in Denver. Mike Reilly was also tabbed as having a "awkward" throwing motion by the scouts, which hampered his perception in the NFL...and which has been dis-proven with his tremendous success in the CFL Reilly is also a powerful runner.

I'd say give Tebow a chance. We'll never know unless he's given the opportunity to compete. The upsides are tremendous and what would the Als lose by signing Tebow and having him fail? A $100,000 guaranteed contract like they gave Sam Gay? The Als would still have K. Glenn and B. Bridge, et al, available, if Tebow faltered after winning the starting job.

Tebow signing in Montreal would instantly double the interest in the CFL, perhaps trending on social media amongst the younger fans...creating news and awareness across North America about our league. Not a bad thing. :thup:

Tebow is a celebrity, not a starting QB. He hasn't got what it takes, and we wouldn't even be talking about him if he wasn't a celebrity.

Puisqu'il subira un cuisant échec s'il vient jouer dans la LCF, vous pouvez être certains que Tebow n'y viendra pas. Il sort un leurre pour attirer quelque chose des 120 millions de la MLF. :roll:

You can analyze quarterbacks all you want. There is no "mold" that can tell you if a guy will be successful in the CFL. Even General Managers don't know. If they did you would not have a 100 quarterbacks brought in and failing for every one they find who can make it.

They come in all sizes and skill set. From little guys like Flutie and Allen to big guys like Reilly to slow guys like Calvillo and Ray.

Some accurate ones have failed (Dinwiddie) some athletic ones (Mcpherson, Bishop). Big arms , little arms, smart, not so smart...

The only thing the successful ones have in common, they had great mentors and invested the time and effort to learn the CFL game.

I'd say your smack on with that assessment Hf.

Go back and read my original comments again - - specifically the part about “Tebow’s arm strength isn’t anywhere close to what Bishop had.”

Aside from that, Tebow and Mike Bishop are pretty much carbon copies.

Both have tremendous athletic ability. Both had great success at the NCAA level. Neither one could read coverage. And neither one had any sort of accuracy.

But at least Bishop had a rocket launcher arm - - which Tebow clearly does not. And that’s why Tebow is a poor man’s Mike Bishop.

There's three criteria to look for in a QB - - arm strength, accuracy and mental ability.

Arm strength is the least important. Accuracy is essential, especially at the NFL level where a receiver is considered wide open if he's got a half step of separation from a DB. But mental ability is the number one factor.

Not surprisingly, this is the most difficult to assess because it's least quantitative factor - - reading defence, standing in the pocket not being afraid of the pass rush, calmness under pressure and leadership of the offence.

If he's got all three, you're looking at a top level pro. Two out of three are the minimum requirement to be a competent pro. One out of three, forget it.