Tebow nixes offers from multiple CFL teams

[b][u]Tim Tebow has turned down CFL offers: Report[/u]

Since being released by the New England Patriots last Saturday, quarterback Tim Tebow has turned down offers from Canadian Football League teams, according to a report from Sports Illustrated's Peter King, who appeared on NBC's NFL broadcast Thursday night.

At least one CFL team was not interested in Tebow's services, as Montreal Alouettes general manager Jim Popp told reporters Monday the club hadn't spoken to the University of Florida alumnus.[/b]

[url=http://www.torontosun.com/2013/09/06/tim-tebow-has-turned-down-offers-from-cfl-teams-report]http://www.torontosun.com/2013/09/06/ti ... ams-report[/url]

If not the Alouettes, it is curious as to which teams made an offer for Tebow.

Tebows a bum. The cfl teams probably want him to play a different position and hez being a diva

Someone obviously does not know how the CFL works :lol:
Jim Popp said a day ago he has NEVER,EVER spoken to TT or his agent.

Unless the Als have traded Tebow's rights - I don't think other teams are allowed to talk to him. Sounds like someone making stuff up to me.

unless the Als gave other teams permission to speak with him.

either way, the story does sound fishy…


I do have to wonder why no NFL club has looked at him as a safety. As a QB he has a great knowledge of devloping plays, and has the stature to be punishing at the role if he can get his acceleration up a small amount.

That's the goofy thing about this and the neg list in general. The Als have no interest in him, but they get to send a fax to the league and that means everybody else has to go through them for no particular reason.

Most likely they're happy to grant permission, figuring if anybody does manage to work out a deal with Tebow the Als will have trade leverage. "Sure, we'll let you sign that QB... but what have you done for us lately?"

Given that Tebow is on Montreal's net list, I'd be surprised if any other team has contacted him. I'm guessing that this is down to a reporter playing a game of "telephone". The original article in USA Today states that "Tebow isn't ready to give up, retire or look to head to the Canadian Football League or Arena Football League." The Sports Illustrated article, which also references this article, states that SI reporter Peter King said that he "has turned down offers to play in the CFL". Perhaps King misinterpreted the statement in USA Today?

He’s not fast enough to be a safety. His 40 times was 4.71 which is slow for a DB. He’s borderline slow for a TE in the NFL too.

Hell,even as desperate as the B.B.'s are at Q.B. I doubt even they would show interest with Tebow,let alone any other team in the league show interest,story sounds like a big pile of horse dung to me.I mean really why would any team bring in this "Ham n Egger" 1/2 through the season anyways ?? :thdn:

i'm glad he won't come up here.

I'd like to see him for 2 reasons:
1 - League exposure...people would tune in just to see
2 - To prove that he would likely do worse in this league, mainly from field size. That would erk haters to no end, though they would shrug it off with 'well, nobody in the NFL signed him for a reason'

Until Tebow entertains the possibility of playing another position full time he most likley will not get another NFL offer.
Right now the only connection he has to the CFL is that QBs in Canada need to make a position change to play in their pro football league.

even though I'm happy he doesn't want to come... I almost think he's slighting the CFL because he believes it's inferior and is afraid that if he fails in the CFL he'll be the laughing stock.

Tebow's not under contract with Montreal, so I don't think there's anything stopping teams from talking to Tebow to see if he's interested in signing, subject to his rights being acquired from the Als.

He'd be a great addition to the CFL and a team like Ottawa or Winnipeg should be pulling out all the stops to sign him.

To be a safety you must be also a solid tackler, and to be a safety in the NFL or CFL you must be also an outstanding tackler. The few tackles Tim Tebow has made since high school were after interceptions.

There are plenty of other guys with college football experience who can play the position of safety just as there are for running back on the other side of the ball.

I asked TEAM 1040 to take the story down in Vancouver as it wasn't confirmed and no teams were looking at Tebow for the many reasons already listed in this forum such as Montreals rights and like I said on Sports Illustrated that he wasn't even looked at by several teams that are down to their 2nd or 3rd string so that tells you right there there was no interest in Tebow and whoever put that out there wants to make it look like there's interest in Tebow when there is none.

Nope, you need permission from the team owning the rights.

Yeah every news story I've read says Montreal has his CFL rights and as HFX said you need permission to talk to him.

None of these teams have any need for Tebow. I don't know why people want him so bad, maybe all the USA stories around him I suppose and his Christianity. The thing is, he would be horrible in the CFL and all the CFL teams know that. They're on 2nd and 3rd strings and they still don't need him. He's not CFL material.

He can't come to Canada, especially to the Als, unless he changes his name to Tim Thibeault.