Tearrius George

So Tearrius George had a 3 sack game and he was in the face of Burris a lot. He goes unnoticed in a lot of games but he sure didn't in this one. So whats the deal with this guy? Is he really good and hasn't shown it yet or he just had a good game? I think he is actually pretty good but does take the odd dumb roughing the passer penalty. Still it seems when he decides to play he can play. Whats the key to get this effort out of him every game? Not sure when his contract is up but is he worth keeping or perhaps real good trade bait?

Any thoughts?

I know I sure haven't been overlooking him. He has been playing great all season, but definitely doesn't get the spotlight for sure. You are starting to hear a lot more clamor about him now, which is nice to see. I think he has registed sacks in all but a couple of games, but the lack of presence in the Cats game may be a contributor to his showing in the last game.

Playing with 2 strong DEs who demand extra attention is also going to help, but he also really beefed up his workout regiment about a year ago.

He is definitely an underrated player. He often does very well, but not quite to superstar status. I love watching him play. But I may be a little biased as well. I've met the guy through work several times and I swear he is the nicest guy in the world.