Tear to my eye

On Sunday as the rain came down I sat down with my 3 year old with the intention of watching the Esks beat up on them and much to my dislike we know how that one turned out...

But I wanted to share a special moment with all of you.

As we were watching the game the questions came a flyin from my son. But one thing brought a tear to my eye. Halfway through the second quarter he asked me who the blue team was...I replied that's the Argos (he does know who they are but he's 3 so he had to ask anyway). Who's the green team(they were white but he saw the green on their helmets and that's his favorite colour) to which I answered the Eskimos. He paused and then said "well I don't want that I want the Ticats". I told him that they are not playing today that we could go to the game on Friday. He looked at me and with a straight face and said, " then I don't want to watch this anymore".

Had to catch the highlights later!

We will see you all tonight in Box Eh

Why were you sat in the rain watching the Argos and Esks?

It's too bad you and your kid missed a great game last Sunday and a great ending.

That is so cute. It does my heart good to know that there are still people out there who are raising their kids right :wink:

Here's my story. I told my 7 year old daughter that I would be wearing red to the game tonight in honour of our troops and she said "but Mom, they'll think you're cheering for Calgary" and I said "we're not playing Calgary" and she said "that doesn't matter". She has also told me that I am not allowed to wear jeans to Ivor Wynne because they are blue and that is the colour of the enemy.

BG, it's good to see you raised her right, and I hope you've got room in your closet for a pair of black jeans.

Good to see some young Ticat fans out there. The organization has certainly been good at marketing towards kids and families.

Much better then the 80s when I was a kid. I am a fan not because of marketing but because of my dad.

Ever since my children were able to talk I was able to chant the blue team's chant and it was quickly and deservedly reponded to with the TiCat fan's version, by my kids in unison!!!

I'm really surprised the CAS hasn't called me about this yet, it seems to be as taboo thing!!

You didn't get the point of that story at all did you...

Hopefully my one year old will feel that strongly about the Cats one day Half!