Teams Trending Up on Google

Don't know how significant this is as it shows change in interest levels rather than overall interest levels. Hence, the Leafs and Riders don't show up as, I'm sure, they were both very popular searches in 2013 too.

But still, has to be good news for the CFL teams on the list: ... ng-upwards

Does google trending mean a lot? I see TFC at Number 4 - ahead of teams like the Riders and all CFL teams, and ahead of all NHL teams except the Canadiens.

These numbers represent change in popularity. So maybe TFC got 1 search last year and 10 searches this year for a tenfold increase. The Leafs don't appear on the list, but maybe they got a million both years, so no change.

I imagine that TFC got a lot of searches from England (in addition to Toronto) when they signed Defoe.

Still, I don't know how much it means without the raw numbers to really rank these teams. But I guess any increase is good.

This could be explained by being on ESPN this season.. Overall, the CFL has almost zero presence on the social media scene.. I posted something last year that showed that the Riders were more popular than even a few NHL teams, but overall he Cfl still beats the MLS.. ... ro-sports/

Google Trends isn't a source of popularity, but a source of newsworthiness.