Teams losing money...

So, as everyone knows, Tom wright stated on the weeked that there were "four or five" unprofitable teams in the CFL, but he didn't specify which ones, although its pretty easy to guess a few. Edmonton recently announced that they had suffered a "Small loss" this year, and I'm not sure but I'm guessing that Montreal lost money this year due to their small stadium (Correct me if I'm wrong...I know they have more expensive tickets). Ottawa is definetely one, and I'm guessing that WInnipeg is probably one as well. Does anyone know for sure? If Winnipeg is losing money, is the grey cup going to be good for them?
From what I've heard, the last time the Grey cup was in Winnipeg it was somewhat of a failure, so do you think that it can sell out? And ONE last question: Whats the League's policy on the host of they grey cup, do any of the profits go to the team?

OK, thats enough questions for now. ANy help would be appreaciated.

The GC will give Winnipeg a shot in the arm, they will sell out, Football is getting bigger in populariturily there. The club is in dept, I know that, but they are close to paying that off, the GC will do that for sure.

…I would guess Saskatchewan maybe didn’t get into the black this year…and for Edmonton to be in the red a little in the operating expense category won’t hurt, they have some pretty big bank accounts…

…all playoff generated revenue is retained by the CFL and doled back to the eligible clubs in a preset format…

i just read an article sayin the ruffies broke even this year....

I beleive the team can buy back the Grey Cup rights. This year Braley paid the CFL a certain amount and he ran with organizing and venues and the game. I have no idea what the cost tradeoffs are, but they must be profitable.

Why don’t buy it when they claim to be losing money. Maybe Ottawa where they can’t give tickets away. There is no way Montreal is losing money with the beer sales, and the souvineir sales. Pack house every night, the playoff game. Just don’t buy it.

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Hamilton is one of four or five clubs losing money (Calgary, Edmonton, Saskatchewan and B.C. are generally thought to be close to breaking even or making a profit).

Right, I forgot about Hamilton. But with the crowds they've been getting this year they're bound to break even. If you read this article

it says that the breakeven point is 24000 to 27000 fans at a game, and seeing as Hamilton has averaged about 28000 a game this season (Correct me if I'm wrong), I don't see how they haven't broken even. Mind you, they're still probably paying off debt from the old owners. Then again, with 42 000 a game (Averaged), I don't see how Edmonton is in the red...but they're spending habits are notorious. I hope Winnipeg has a winner next year, same with Hamilton and Ottawa. I think that if Ottawa even made it into the semi final there would be a boost in popularity for the team.

the senators doing so well cant help the ottawa renegades, who are tryin to get some media attention....good

I can see Montreal playing in tiny 20,000 Molson Stadium while Winnipeg plays in almost 30,000 Winnipeg Stadium not making a profit.

Winnipeg has had decent attendance despite the bad product on the field.

Ticket prices in Montreal are alot higher then most in the league.

As for Winnipegs product.....did you watch any games???? They
were a good team, poorly organized.

when I had a chance to, yes I did.