Teams have to play their back-up qbs during the season!!


I have always said teams have to play their back-up qbs more during the season because you never know when injury will come.
Montreal ignored this plea a couple of years ago and Calviho got knocked out in a playoff game and he was replaced by a qb who had taken one snap all year. The als lost of course.
Now Winnipeg loses Glenn and I don't even know the name of their qb. is it Dinwittle. How sad for the Bombers. they should have played their back-up more during the season.

Dont count out Dinwiddle just yet

I agree Ro..But I doubt Austin will let his team think that all they have to do is show up, expect a Focused & determined Rider Team next Sunday regardless who is at quarterback.

I wouldn't count him out at all - but it's more because of the "surprise factor" that he could succeed, which implies chance more than a honed skill built over time. On average over the course of a 60-minute game, experience will beat surprise. I think Turkeybend has a point.