team workouts

I've never really knew about this but I read it in the paper today and started wondering.

Why are teams forbidden to organize team workouts and practices? outside of the regular ones of course.

I know there's probably a good reason, but I can't think of what it is.

1- Prevent abuse. Many CFL players go to school, hold down a job or operate a business during the off season.

2- Prevent an arms race between teams.

This also Keep Operating Cost Down for CFL Teams

I would love to see mini camps in the CFL But It just not possible with Small Operating Budgets

What about during the season when it's probably a lot more useful.

I don't exactly get what the arms race thing means,please elaborate.

Arms race means that once one team starts holding Feb mini-camps (for example), then every team will feel pressured to do so. Then some teams will start having April mini-camps get the idea. The CBA prevents it all.

During the season extra workouts are prevented by the CBA - it prescribes how much practice time (and days off, etc.) is required.


Perhaps it is so that players that live here or near here don't get an unfair advantage by working with coaches through the winter and then have the leg up already when true competition starts at training camp. And besides, what can the coaches really do with players during the winter anyways when the play-books haven't been finalized or distributed/released.

All players can do during the winter is work out to keep in shape and keep their basic skills sharpened. They don't need coaches to do that. They can do all those things amongst themselves here or by themselves back where they live.

I like the idea that everyone starts on an even playing field (pardon the pun) at training camp.

However, I do believe that the team training staff and weight rooms and excercise equipment is available to players during the off-season so that's a good thing for everyone who has stuff to rehab or acquires any minor problems during the winter.

Alright I do understand why you can't have mini camps through the offseason.

I may be wrong but during the season can't the players get together and decide to hold extra workouts and practices on there own and within the rules, doesn't that give teams an unfair advantage.

I don't know this for sure but I would imagine that players can do whatever they want to on their spare time whether it's study the playbook together or go out and hone their skills on the field together including sandlot style drills, pitch and catch, kick returning etc. I think the hard and fast rule is that the coaches can't obligate them to do anything except attend rehab/treatment when required, attend meetings and regularly scheduled practices.

Didn't Danny McManus and Damon Allen get together at Ivor Wynne in the early spring with some available receivers to practice on their own a few years back ?

Actually, the CFL is a pro orginization and I assume you’re trying to compare it to the NFL which is really unfair, obviously they’re going to have better players, they have more viewers, thus giving them huge salary caps, so the average NFL player makes around 3-6 million, the average CFL player makes around 60,000-120,000, one of the highest NFL salaries is like 30 million and one of the highest CFL salaries is 400,000. Gee, I wonder where the good players are going to sign. Hmm… Ignorance from both Canadians and Americans is what makes the CFL less popular and the NFL more popular. *BTW i’m not crazy lol, someone did post that the CFL isn’t having workouts this early because they are “semi-pro”, they must’ve deleted it fearing recoil.

Why are you just picking dollar figures out of your behind???
Last years #'s for the top 10 highest salaries
Manning, Peyton Colts QB 18,700,000
Brady, Tom Patriots QB 14,626,720
Peppers, Julius Panthers DE 14,137,500
Palmer, Carson Bengals QB 13,980,000
Manning, Eli Giants QB 12,916,666
Favre, Brett Packers QB 12,800,000
Bailey, Champ Broncos CB 12,690,050
Harrison, Marvin Colts WR 12,000,000
Robertson, Dewayne Jets DT 11,191,369
Delhomme, Jake Panthers QB 10,956,666

The top 10 in mony earned last year which means including the signining bonus (Which should be factored over the length of the contract)

  1. QB Ben Roethlisberger, Pittsburgh $ 27,701,920

  2. DE Jared Allen, Minnesota $ 21,119,256

  3. WR Larry Fitzgerald, Arizona $ 17,103,480

  4. QB JaMarcus Russell, Oakland $ 16,872,400

  5. RB Michael Turner, Atlanta $ 16,003,840

  6. G Chris Snee, N.Y. Giants $ 14,890,000

  7. CB Asante Samuel, Philadelphia $ 14,145,000

  8. WR Randy Moss, New England $ 14,006,720

  9. T Flozell Adams, Dallas $ 14,005,760

10 .DT Tommy Kelly, Oakland $ 13,978,480

  1. WR Terrell Owens, Dallas $ 13,731,560

  2. WR Bernard Berrian, Minnesota $ 13,705,000

  3. T Michael Roos, Tennessee $ 13,505,520

  4. C Jeff Faine, Tampa Bay $ 13,105,760

  5. DE Will Smith, New Orleans $ 12,950,000

  6. QB Tony Romo, Dallas $ 12,886,600

  7. G Travelle Wharton, Carolina $ 12,850,000

  8. DE Antwan Odom, Cincinnati $ 12,800,000

  9. CB Terence Newman, Dallas $ 12,611,240

  10. RB Marion Barber, Dallas $ 12,522,400

To explain Big Ben's payout:
Roethlisberger's contract was renegotiated in the spring and the deal included $25.2 million in signing bonus and a base wage of $2.5 million. His salary goes up to $4.75M next year, to $8.05M in 2010 and stays at $11.6M each year thereafter through 2014. He'll earn $12.1M in 2015, the contract's end year, when he will be 35.

Average pay-out by position is:
QB $1.970,982
DE $1,583,000
O-Lineman $1.3 million
DT $1.2
Corner $1.93
LB $1.17
WR $1.05
RB $957,000
Safety $947,000
Kickers $868,000
TE $863,000

Nowhere near the $3-$6 million avaerage you suggested.

OK, I feel better now.

Somebody else do the CFL salaries :slight_smile:

I dont know why they deleted my post. I said it's semi pro because CFL players have other jobs, to be a professional athlete you must be 100% comited to the sport and nothing else and train and practise football 12 months of the year. In the NFL they have mini camps constantly through out the offseason, the CFL union would have a fit if teams held workouts or practises right now, also CFL practises are set up to be friendly to players who hold other jobs.

actually, to be a “professional athlete” means that you are paid to play, whatever the amount may be.

I really believe training camp should be at least 6 weeks long.

What if the players organize workouts on their own voluntarily???
It is possible and has it been done?

For example, receiving core, O'line, D'line etc meeting up to do weight training, cardio drills etc. 3 weeks before season starts.

It would get them talking to each other, making plans, critiquing each other...and those who can't make it are sent the workouts via email so they can come to camp in the same shape as the Hamilton groups.

This of course would take coordination by players on each unit. And hey if they all happened to meet up at a high school a few Sunday's before camp starts...what a

No publicity no press, just the players coming together on their own because they are committed to winning.

If the players come to camp in shape, camp is long enough.

With a returning HC and a roster that could be written out pretty accurately right now the Cats will be fine.

Toronto and they will be scrambling!

I think the player deserve their off season and will have plenty of time in camp to work together. I'll tell you this Im not subtracting any of my vacation time so I wouldn't expect the players to either.

They work hard and work together here and there over the off season and that should be enough.

Where do they workout? Who pays for it? Who films it?

Plus, why do you think they had offensive players in last week and defensive players in this week?