team with the worst logo.

calgary its only white!

I voted Montreal. I saw that logo 100 times before I actually saw the bird thingy in it. What the hell is that, anyway?

A Lark

I voted Montreal as well, they ought to fire the birdbrain that came up with a logo like that.. :lol:

Its a birdy thingy?

The Montreal logo is IMPOSSIBLE to figure out on TV unless you already know what it is. It's a HORRIBLE logo.

I rather like all the other logos in the league. My favourites are the B.C. paw and Calgary's horsie.

To each his own

I like all the logos.. Each represents different things

Montreal's winning in a landslide so far.

Why a lark?

Because lark is english for alouette.

BC paw is the worst.

the paw print logo looks like a child drew garbage.

i like all the others.

I dig the Montreal logo.

I think the argos is the most boring one.

I enjoy The BC paw print.

Montreal's logo is wicked. BC is crap I could draw a way better Lion.

BC has the best anywhere, I even would have said that 20 years ago when I was a Bombers fan and hated the Lions!

I don't have any issues with any of the logos.

I like the current Argos one more than the one previous. It just seems like more of a classic logo.

As far as the BC logo goes, I like the one in BobbyP's avatar a lot more than the paw. One thing I did just notice though... the one in BobbyP's avatar is more of a Lioness than a Lion. :smiley:

Montreal's case is also similar to the Argo's. I like the newer one, where the "A" is more of the prominant feature.

bombers got the best 1. but i still think the worst in mtl.

The A is alot better than the "football boat" thingy they had before.

The worst one is the Renegades! Too busy and doesn't make sense from far away. This, coming from a diehard Gades fan. Love all the other logos, especially the more "classic" ones.

Go Gades Go in 2010!
Go Sens Go!

It's a mountain lion

bombers is the best and always will be and worst is edmonton what is 2 Es in a circle?