Team with the most class

What team do you feel has the most class?
Personally im going with Esks, both Maas and Ray are -very- classy as is nearly everyone else on that team.

whole eskimos organization is classy, the receivers don't showboat, the defense is classy, no one is a standout idiot, they gotta win this one

You obviously forget a certain incident that happened not all that long ago, I'll give you some hints, maybe it'll help refresh your memory.

Mascot +

McCallum +

Wagon +

Manure +

Tastless Act Against Paul

= An Official Apology from the Eskimos to Mr. McCallum

.....but there WAS an apology, which is a classy thing to do - regardless of how the actual "incident" was perceived beforehand.....

True enough, I give them credit for realizing their mascot had crossed over the border of plain harmless fun and crude and insensitive. But none-the-less they still did it in the first place which makes me question how they actually run things over there.

mascot doesn't really have to do with the team...he plays to the fans, thats what mascots are for, they don't speak for the organization. i'm sure mascots do worse all the time

eskies for sure , top to bottom the flagship team of the league...

I have to admit I do enjoy watching the Esks score, simply because they don't go around acting like a bunch of clowns with all the stupid showboating other teams do.....that's pretty classy to me.....

with the exception of one popcorn eater, how can u be classier than the argos...PINBALL, Damon Allen and 'stop the violence' says it all!!!!

if the Eskimos send maas to hamilton, as speculated, then the eskimos are right up there, for not re-nagging on a deal that wasnt official or on paper.

With a very few exceptions and thats why we all love it, every team and players in the CFL have class.

Toronto does have a lot of classy players and coaches. Pinball and Allen are class-acts that, not only should the Argos be proud of but the CFL as well. Unfortunately players like Soward (Sp?), Baker, and O'Shea are a few of the bad apples I think of that bring the Argos down a notch.

With Saskatchewan's legal issues over the past few years, they are one team that I don't consider classy at the current time.

I have to admit Edmonton is a class organization top to bottom (with the exception of that head coach - can't stand him - they should have hung on to Higgins, he's ALL class). Hervey's helmet throwing incident brought them down a bit, but still pretty high up there.

The Als are also a classy team. since Copeland left anyway. Guys like Calvillo, Cahoon, etc. And call me crazy, I really like and have repect for the Don. I know a lot of people don't like him, but I think he's cool.

the DON is 'the man'

Classiest team= Eskimos

Edm whole offense is classy... on the other side not so classy.. Gass is known as a cheap shot artist..there DB's are clutch and grab but they dont do alot of trash talking so its really 50/50 :slight_smile:

i'd say Donny Brady is the only DB who plays dirty, and Gass is just a LB, every team has at least one, it's what they do...Gass is just noticable

You're questioning how we run things? Take in a look in your own back yard there buddy. Does the abbreviation "HIV" mean anything to you? How about the fact that it was covered up and the individual in question continuing to play for an entire year creating a situation for other player to be potentially infected?

Then when the story breaks because said indivual is charged with sexual assault your loud mouth GM is MIA and leaves the head coach to suffer the brunt of media scrutiny because he is in Vegas. He makes no attempt to hustle back or interject on behalf of his coach when clearly the incident in question should be handled and addressed by the man running the show.

Don't feed us the excuse that doctors said there is a minute chance that others could be infected. This is violent sport in which players become bloodied and bruised on a regular basis in close proximety to each other. If the chances were that remote, why all of a sudden remove the player (who was your starter at that position) before a playoff game? Are you going to say that it was because of the criminal charges? Get a grip. People are innocent until proven guilty in this country, so I'm not buying that for one second.

Reckless and irresponsible decision making by all involved with this one. Clearly Riders management dropped the ball on this from the start and to make matters worse, they thrust him into the spotlight alone and refuse to support him after the cover up by removing him from the roster.

You got a lot of nerve or very little grey matter by taking the Eskimos to task over a mascot mocking a tasteless incident that was performed by one of your low brow fans. Deny, deny, deny seems to be the mantra of that orginization. I'll start to respect them and their fans when they start to take some responsibility for their actions.

i would put a lot of money on the fact that there are multiple HIV positive players in the league. Privacy rights allow them to keep there medical history private unless there is a substantial risk to others. In the case of HIV in football the medical and legal authorities have decided that it can remain private. If we are going to make all HIV carriers come clean we better just open up all the medical histories. anyone with a cold can't play as there is a much larger risk of them spreading the common cold esp the lineman taking to eachother. hepatitis is serious so they can't play. what about any centres with diarrhea. the qb spends all game rubbing his hands on their asses. In fact if health risk is our concern better make the cfl touch football because the odds are much higher that you will break your neck than catch HIV. people are scared of AIDS which is understandable but to pick on one group of society without looking at the whole picture is ignorant. it was not shivers or barretts fault that smith is an idiot, although i guess techniquely he is still innocent until proven otherwise. if they canned him for being HIV + then they would be guilty of discrimination. The NBA allowed magic to play and there is a lot higher risks in basketball than football.

and while i am defending my arch nemesis roughriders, the pathetic behaviour of some rider fans is not the fault of the team but the fans. the behoaviour of edm's mascot is a reflection of the team as the mascot is on the payroll of of team and is directly part of the organization.

and why is bc getting no votes. i think that organization is very upfront with their players as to where the fit into the organization and tend to treat people fairly. my only issue with them is the owner.

Well said blackdale. There's too much ignorance out there (myself included) to debate this thing propoerly. But to say the Riders "covered it up" is way over the top! The league head office (Tom Wright) knew about it a year and a half ago. So did the CFL Players Association. Did they all cover it up? Nonsense.

I also agree with you blackdale about medical disclosure. What about hepatitus, etc? If we force players to disclose if they have HIV, it would be wrong to let hep B go unpunished. And come to think of it, forcing disclosure of HIV would never be good enough anyway, since there are probably thousands of people out there who have it but don't even know it. Really the only way to protect everyone would be to go right to the source and force disclosure of all our sexual activities. We could have cameras follow us around 24/7. Of course this is what we DON'T want. It's called freedom. A little something our fathers and grandfathers died trying to uphold for us.