(team) will win if\because...

hamilton will win ifbecause,.

winnipeg will win ifbecause…

montreal will win ifbecause…

calgary will win ifbecause…

ok now people, share your football wisdom :slight_smile:

well, so far, nobody has any idea why any of these teams might win.

what a bunch of football geniuses we are :wink:

Toronto (or Sask, or BC) will win the Grey Cup if they make the playoffs becasue we haven't had a Grey Cup champ with a losing record in 10 years and it's about time. :wink:

Hamilton will win because grit trumps swagger.

Calgary will win because mobile manure factories trump je ne sais quois.

Football genius at it's finest.

Home teams will win this weekend.

Winnipeg will win because of a coordinated mosquito attack.

Calgary will win because frogs get slowed down in horsesh*t and the high altitude. :wink:

Montreal will win because they are better. :stuck_out_tongue: Seriously, any team that insists on playing 1 on 1 coverage is begging for trouble against AC and his receivers.