Team$ value going into 2020

With the Al’s just sold and the Leo’s could be sold if to the right buyer, I’m curious to see what people think each teams worth is going into the 2020 season, Forbes dose it to the NFL before each season so let’s see some people put there thoughts on how much each team is worth!

That is an Interesting Idea, I will throw my hat in the ring and say an average number I would put on a C.F.L. Team is $ 11 Million, I think with the addition of a 10th team In Halifax prices will shoot thru the roof, IMHO But I could be all wet.

Millions of dollars

Sask 33
Edn 28
Cal 21
Wpg 21
Ott 16
Ham 15
BC 9
Mtl 8
Tor 6

Guesstimate or source?

I don’t see how Ottawa could be worth more than Hamilton.

In millions, The first number is what I value on a guess right now and the secound would be if the team was doing well in attendance and had great sponsors and support, pretty well the peak of worth

SSK- 35----45
EDM- 26------45
CALGARY- 24-----38
WIN- 24------38
HAM- 20-----30
BC- 10-------45
OTT- 18------30
MTL- 10-------40
TOR- 8---------35

Agreed not a chance.

Well for sure in the past 30 years, anyone can see the hamilton is a more productive product on and off the field with the new stadium, how ever if both teams had sell outs and the best sponsors they could get, I’d say that because Ottawa is in our nation’s capital it probobly would have a better chance at getting more money threw sponsorships deals, as well as a bigger population, how ever thou hamilton has some of the best loyal fans in the league, so if the team are struggling Hamilton would do better but if both teams were booming successe on and off the field ottawa probobly would produce more money hense more valuable

BC was recently valued at around 20-25 million. That would easily put Hamilton at 30+

Braley now values the team at around $20 million (previously he wanted $40 million), but the last legitimate offer for the team was around $14 million, which Braley declined.

Pure guesswork of course.
However since their merchandise sales are the last time I heard a close 3rd in all of Canada behind the Leafs and Habs, plus of course the near capacity ticket sales, I would therefore value the licence to print money Riders as far and above any other team with lets say $100 M+.

$100 million for the Riders ?

Yes, maybe even more hence the +?
Look at the Canadian teams values in the ponzie scheme known as MLS, with Toronto leading the pack then Montreal and Vancouver.
Are you going to tell me Toronto in this or any other market place is more valuable then the Riders who are all alone in the province of Saskatchewan?

Just because TFC, the Whitecaps, and Impact are supposedly worth hundreds of Millions, doesn’t mean that any CFL team is worth more than $100 million.

Just like how Rogers paying the NHL $5.2 billion over 12 years for tv rights doesn’t equal $100+ million in tv money for the CFL.

Businesses are worth whatever someone is willing to pay, and I’ve yet to see even one CFL team sell for more than $20 million.

Precisely, you said it supposedly worth.
So supposedly Riders then can also be worth my estimate.
I have an added factor into the Rider’s value as previously mentioned plus here is also the X factor viewership is awesome for the CFL and Riders while with only a couple of exceptions, only family and friends(eg. see infomercial amounts) watch the 3 Canadian soccer teams.

It’ll be 2150 before any CFL team is worth 100 million.

And yet expansion fees for the MLS are now over $200 million, and private stadiums are being built. Contrast that with Ottawa getting into the CFL for a reported $7 million (a P3 styled Lansdowne development as well), and Halifax struggling to get a stadium built, with little to no private investment.

tv ratings for the MLS maybe low in Canada, but I’m pretty sure TFC and the Whitecaps outsell the Argos and Lions (merch and tickets), and with more home games to boot.

MLS attendance is falling in all three cities and I believe the Impact and Caps are now below their CFL counterparts (game average). The honeymoon is over.

I agree, the honeymoon is probably over, but I never brought up the Impact. The Whitecaps avg around 2k more per game over the Lions, and TFC averages around 13k more than the Argos do. (MLS also plays more games, thus more home games to attend).

Sports attendance as a whole is becoming a problem though. As I’ve stated previously: diehard fans ain’t what they used to be.

I just checked my memory, the Lions had a worse year last year than I recall but the Impact has dropped off quite a bit, almost 13 percent (-12.9) and they are below the Als The Caps have dropped about 11 percent (-11.1) and TFC has dropped about 1500 fans per game (-5.9 percent) and that is after 3 of 4 championship final seasons.