Team USA vs The World this weekend

Video interview of the Canadian QB that will lead the World team

31 players on the world team are from Canada...

I really like who I see from the World team. They were able to get a bunch of the stars from last year's tournament back for this year.

France's Thomas Luiz, Canada's Brandon Bridge, Steven Lumbala, Guillame Bourassa, and Jeremi Doyon-Roch, Japan's WR Shoma Endo...

Wishing they could have gotten the Japanese QB from last year, Aroki (sp?) and the Japanese running back Matsumori, and the Mexican runningback Arroyo.

USA Football’s 2010 Junior National Team Roster Announced For January 6, 2010, revised January 6, 2010 America’s Junior National Team in Football to Face the World’s Best in Florida on Jan. 30

USA Football, the sport's national governing body on youth and amateur levels, today announced its 2010 Junior National Team which will compete in USA Football's "Team USA vs. The World" game in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., on Jan. 30 at 12 noon ET. The game matches USA Football's 2010 Junior National Team - 45 of the country's top high school seniors - against a "World" team composed of 45 of the best players aged 19 and under from outside the United States spanning eight countries on four continents.

USA Football's 2010 Junior National Team roster presently stands at 34 athletes. USA Football's roster consists entirely of high school seniors, 28 of whom have verbally committed to college football programs across eight athletic conferences. The Southeastern Conference (SEC) has the most Team USA verbal commitments at present with seven, followed by the Pac-10 with five and Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) with four.

The Jan. 30 game will be televised live by NFL Network and is supported by numerous USA Football corporate partners such as Riddell, Shock Doctor, Game Wear Team Sports, Gatorade and the Andrews Institute.

Sanctioned by the International Federation of American Football (IFAF), the Paris-based federation composed of 57 countries that possess a national federation dedicated solely to American football, USA Football's "Team USA vs. The World" game has been deemed an official NFL Pro Bowl Week event. The Jan. 30 contest will follow AFC and NFC All-Star practices at Lockhart Stadium, which will be open to the public. Fans will not be charged admission to attend either the NFL All-Star practices or USA Football's "Team USA vs. The World" game.

USA Football's Junior National Team is led by head coach CHRIS MERRITT of Miami Christopher Columbus High School. Merritt's national team staff is composed of nine high school head coaches from five states. JAN JENMERT of Sweden will lead the 45-man "World" roster. Jenmert's coaching staff spans 11 countries (World team player and coach roster is listed on pg. 2).

Merritt, who owns a 79-22 (.782) record as head coach at Miami Columbus, was the 2009 USA Football Junior National Team's defensive backs coach that earned a gold medal in Canton, Ohio, this past July in the eight-nation IFAF Junior World Championship. The tournament was the first junior world championship in football history, drawing more than 40,000 fans to Canton's Fawcett Stadium during the course of four game days.

"These young men were hand-selected to represent our country as elite athletes and exceptional ambassadors," said Merritt."They have garnered dozens of individual honors at their respective high schools, but those won't help us on Jan. 30.

"We will prepare diligently for a very talented World team. I look forward to putting our preparation into action at Lockhart Stadium at the end of this month."

Beck Coulter American Samoa LB 6-2 240 Trinity (Texas) Community College

Tavita Katina American Samoa LB 6-2 235 Marist High School

Jesse Williams Australia DL 6-4 325 Arizona Western

Cameron Wade Canada DB 6-2 185 Arcadia University

Guillame Bourassa Canada RB 5-11 185 College Champlain Lennoxville

Dillon Guy Canada OL 6-5 295 College Champlain Lennoxville

Danny Groulx Canada OL 6-6 335 College Champlain Lennoxville

Christian Walcott Canada LB 5-11 195 Concordia University

Jerit Lambert Canada WR 6-1 200 Edmonton Wildcats

Jacob Rudy Canada OL 6-8 285 Fort Union Military Academy

Alex Anthony Canada WR 6-2 195 Laurier University

Adam Thibault Canada WR 6-0 190 Laval University

Cody Lynch Canada DB 6-0 165 McMaster University

Matt Sewell Canada OL 6-8 340 McMaster University

Tyler Crapigna Canada K 5-7 150 Ottawa Myers Riders

Mike Dubuisson Canada DB 6-3 198 Saint Léonard Cougars

Dylan Hollohan Canada DB 5-10 183 St. Francis Xavier University

Brandon Bridge Canada QB 6-3 210 St. Marcellinus High School

Steven Lumbala Canada RB 5-11 200 University of Calgary

Soonbum Cha Canada DB 5-11 180 University of Ottawa

Tyler Sawyer Canada LB 6-0 205 University of Ottawa

Jeff Hassler Canada RB 5-10 195 University of Saskatchewan

Ben Heenan Canada OL 6-4 305 University of Saskatchewan

Cam Redl Canada OL 6-7 295 University of Saskatchewan

Joel Seutter Canada DL 6-2 230 University of Saskatchewan

Jerod McCrory Canada LB 6-1 235 University of Western Ontario

Scott Janz Canada DB 6-2 185 University of Western Ontario

Marcus Babic Canada LB 6-4 217 University of Western Ontario

David Lee Canada DL 6-4 235 University of Western Ontario

Byron Perez-Archambault Canada LB 6-1 220 Vanier College

Jeremi Doyon-Roch Canada QB 6-3 190 Vanier College

James Sifakis Canada FB 6-1 235 Vanier College

Julian Bailey Canada WR 6-1 185 Vanier College

Mehdi Abdesmad Canada DL 6-6 250 Vieux Montréal Spartiates

Thomas Ruiz France WR 5-9 173 Météores de Fontenay

Bioern Werner Germany DL 6-4 258 Salisbury School (CT)

Shoma Endo Japan WR 5-10 180 Nihon University

Yudai Maruyama Japan DB 5-11 165 Nihon University

Jumpei Yoshimoto Japan WR 5-9 165 Ritsumeikan University

Jiovanni Carrillo Mexico LB 6-1 203 Aguilas Blancas IPN

Sebastian Johansson Sweden OL 6-5 282 Carlstad Crusaders

Hampus Hellermark Sweden RB 6-1 200 Lidingö Saints

Elias Groon Sweden DL 6-3 315 Stockholm Mean Machines

The World team coaching staff has selected 43 players from eight countries spanning four continents. World team players represent American Samoa (2), Australia (1), Canada (31), France (1), Germany (1), Japan (3), Mexico (1), and Sweden (3). The World team roster was selected from a provisional list of 100 players nominated by IFAF federations.

The World squad includes 22 players who starred at the 2009 IFAF Junior World Championship in Canton, Ohio, this past summer where Canada won the tournament's silver medal; Japan took bronze with a win over Mexico and Germany finished as the best-placed European competitor.

My must watch.

who is the Canadian QB? the interview i saw didnt have sound.

Anyone see who won this game. I saw the first half and was 0-0. Have to admit it was interresting but kinda boring which is usually the case with exibition football. That Bridge kid looks like he could be a huge QB with a big arm. I'd love to see Canada produce a star QB one day

17 to 0 GOOD GUYS......Yall know who that is

barely needed the non canadians.

canada doesnt have the skilled players too compete against the americans.You can see it on the field the basic plays run the canadians dont have the speed too play against the americans.

Is there a link to video of the game? what was the final score, Are these Canadian players on the CFL evaluation list?

I watched the game. The difference was USA was able to make long plays on offence & one on a punt return. World team o-line was huge to say the least. Odd seeing Western Ontario HC Greg Marshall on the sideline as an assistant instead of the HC. Curious how the HC from (small country escapes me) & the Japanese OC were selected.

different game with canadian rules?