Team sports help mental health for kids

Interesting research study here. Also interesting or concerning is that mental health may be negatively affected in kids who only participate in individualized sports, according to this study.

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Interesting, & makes sense on many levels. Sadly football, being a pretty complex game (the reason I love it), probably won't be part of this narrative. You really don't see football happen till kids are high school age. The many rules & discipline needed would probably be stressful for young people with challenges.

Yeah, I was thinking along those lines for football as well, sadly as you say.

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I checked the study tables. 28.5% of the kids studied played football. Only basketball was ahead, though really, baseball, soccer, basketball, volleyball, and football were all pretty close.

Although football is more complex than those other sports, one factor in its favour is that it accomodates a broad range of physical sizes and traits, so some kids who might not fit in on other team sports would fit in on a football field.

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That surprises me a little, but in a good way. I thought soccer, being so universal, simple & inexpensive would be the game of choice for most. It would be nice if all kids had their choice of these & other options.

Well, this study was performed in the US. I suspect the numbers of Canadian kids playing football would be much lower.

Edit: I pasted the table into my post above, and on second look I think I was reading the data incorrectly. Soccer is indeed #1 by a fair distance, even in the US.


Yes, soccer is such an easy decision for parents to get their kids involved in a field sport, gridiron with tackling a tougher decision for parents these days with all the concussion and head injury talk. And yes, a U.S. study.