Team Sport

Just a quick reminder to all of you out there who insist on slagging Jason Maas for whatever reason, please let me remind you football is a TEAM sport. There are always 12 guys on the field. Maas did not play his very best yesterday, BUT, we were playing arguably the best team in the league.

First you all said Danny had to go. Put in Brady! is what I heard. Brady goes. Then we saw flashes with Eakin. Then Maas must go. Then Eakin should play. Eakin plays, Eakin must go. Maas is king for a couple of weeks, now he's goota go again.

There are alot of things wrong here folks. And with time, a coach, an OC and a few players, we are playoff bound. So until then, could you all just settle a little bit and complain about the beer or something.

I am a Danny Mac fan, and thought he still had some good football in him. However, with all the whining about him, I was kind of glad he found another team where he could be appreciated.

I had the feeling that Maas was very over rated, and I took a wait and see approach. However, he has not been very good. He certainly is our best QB, but he isnt a starter. I think we need to find a new QB for next year. Sure, it is a team game, but the team played well enough to possibly win, if Maas could have hit them.

I saw TWO for sure touchdowns if he could have got them the ball, but overthrew the reciever. Other times, he couldnt move the ball. Nobody was dropping passes for the most part, he wasnt getting them the ball. Just my impressions from watching the game on TV.

PS; I really believe that this year, with the receiving corps we had, that Danny Mac would have got us into the playoffs.

Maas has been a BIG disappointment. He gets way to emotional and loses his composure too easily.....he could take some pointers from Danny about being cool under fire.

I agree with you but keep in mind that if Paopao put in this system with Danny Mac, the results would have been just as bad… if we had these receivers in a downfield passing attack WITH Danny Mac, we would be in the playoffs… but then again, Danny can do no right around here.

In a team game any guy not pulling his weight is pulled. Besides like baseball not all positions are equally important. In baseball a pitcher can singlehandedly make it impossible to win. Likewise a QB in the CFL can ruin any chance of success. No other position in either of the sports can boast the same importance.

I have always been a huge Danny Mac supporter. I was always upset when the fans would call into the fifth quarter and slag Danny. My favorite aspect about Danny was whenever he made a mistake, he would just suck it up and come out firing on the very next opportunity. He was a true leader!
As for Mr. Mass, I have really no positives to speak of. His mistakes seem to carry over to the next play. On many occasions he is the one of 12 players who is not executing. His breakdowns cost the team dearly, and the negative momentum plagues the rest of the team into a losing atmosphere. Most football fans have seen a lack of creativity in the offensive scheme for most of the season, but we have also seen mental errors and breakdowns that are the source of the failure. I wholeheartedly agree that football is a team game, and when 1 of the 12 players on any of the 3 units fails to execute, the desired outcome will not be achieved. Unfortunately, the 1 player who has failed to execute on offence most often is Mr. Mass.