Team Shows Good Character

Wow, what a difference a week makes.

For the first time this year, the Ti-Cats committed to a solid game plan, and showed great adversity after possible momemtum breakers. With some of the heart breaking plays that have gone against the Ti-Cats, they responded well to tough plays this week.

The offense starts with a 2 and out, then the defense gives up some big runs to Roberts, stops them in field goal range, but ends up giving up a touchdown after an offside penalty. At this point I'm thinking, here we go again. We respond with a drive for a touchdown. That was huge.

Later in the game, with Hamilton up by one score, Winnipeg brings a blitz and Maas finds Flick all alone for a touchdown. This play may have put the game on ice. This gets called back by a holding penalty. Another possible momentum killer. Again, I'm thinking, here we go again. This play doesn't seem to phase the team, and they continue to play strong and eventually get the next major to ice the game.

A kick is dropped by Holmes on our 20, and goes out of bounds. The play is ruled on the field as being last touched by Winnipeg. We challenge, but technical difficulties kill this. Once more, I'm thinking, here we go again. The defense comes up big and shuts down Winnipeg's offense. Winnipeg misses the field goal and only gets a single.

Great to see this team overcome some adversity, show some good character, and come up with a big win on the road.

PJ :stuck_out_tongue:

first time this year everyone played with fire in them. hope it keeps up

The Cats should have no problem playing with intensity next Saturday. Remember it's the ARGOS coming to town. Time for back to back wins and some momentum going into the second half of the season.

Its about time!! I guess it takes two long hard years to develope character :thup:

Yup,it's looking better. Craig Yeast who??? haha....