Team reflects Head Coach

This team is very much a reflection of its HC. Very low key temperament, very deliberate and methodical, not very agressive and not really comfortable playing outside the schemes laid out. Don't get me wrong, you have to have a game plan but lately the adjustments required in-game have been sorely lacking. Marcel seems quite willing to sacrifice this season to work toward a much longer term plan. The problem with that is that the fans shouldn't be expected to have unlimited patience and as a season-ticket holder I need to see the present addressed as well as the future.

Kinda like the same temperament as a Marc Trestman.

Well said, I am not even sure if Marcel is the total problem. Porter must have signed a contract making him the #1 guy, cause he sure hasn't earned the spot.

Of course Marcel isn't the total problem. Just one of the biggest ones.

Honestly, the only coaching problem I see is with Mike Gibson. He calls the same play 5x in a row and his offence is struggling when they really shouldn't.

And Marcel sits back and let's him do it over and over and over again. The HC has to take responsibility for allowing this to go on.

Agreed. I like Marcel.

MB is a good HC. We just have to keep him far far far away from the offense. We also need to fire Gibson.

Winnipeg ran 2 plays in the first half. They ran a receiver screen and the end around with Brock Ralph. They moved up and down the field all day on us. We have nothing like this in our arsenal.

We run out of 1 formation.

Inside the 5 we have no imagination.

We have the RB flare that gets us nothing but we run it a lot every game.

We don't establish a run early in games. Tonite we are running on 2nd and long.

I don't get our offense. I want a real coordinator in here and I think you will then see better QBing.

I like MB too but I am beginning to have serious doubts that he is a good HC. I KNOW he is not a good Offensive co-ordinator.

Are you kidding?

You`re kidding, right?

It't an exaggeration but more times or not, we run a simple spread formation with 1 running back lining up behind centre.

Where is the bunch formation, where is the I formation hell, at this point, why not the wildcat.

I say if Porter is on the field just leave our defence out, we will have a better chance of scoring!


....The HC has to take responsibility ....& it ain't happening, nuff said !!!

For Once We agree Gibson has to go

I honestly don't think that you can really judge our QBs with this coordinator.

Our play calling is read so easily by every defense we face.

I think if you get a true offensive genius in here, people won't be complaining about Porter. Just my opinion.

BTW, what the hell has happened to our oline? They are folding like a lawn chair. For one of our strengths going into the season, it has really turned into a weakness.

You seem to forget who in Charge of the OL Gibson..

what we need here is frank kush to kick some butt.

i don't think the players respect thsi guy and they do not fear him . He is not able to motivated them or prepare thenm properly for a game . The team was jacked for the argo game and that was likely just them .

It is likely because he has never played in the CFL and he has never been a head coach and because he is canadian from a canadian university .

OBIE should take over while looking for a true Field General not a cheer leader that acts like he is shocked each week why his team is not ready and motivated ..saying we are getting better learning etc..emough already you are just letting a playoff spot slip away ..i mean even the argos haev a shot at over taking us :slight_smile:

He is not the answer as head coach.

Than OB has failed, not one but twice. Might even say he failed two and a half time.