TEAM Radio encouraging people to streak this weekend

Talk about losers..

they're challenging other cities to break the record of 4 set by Calgary..

like how fricken stupid are these guys ??

someone should slap them around a little, wake em up!

And they are a “partner” of the league. :roll: :roll: :roll:

What a stupid thing to encourage!

Trouble is, the idiot fringe will probably step up and do it! :roll: :roll:

I’d give anything to call them up and say "what’s the deal encouraging fans to go and streak across the fields? What kind of a message are you sending out to them? You guys should be ashamed of yourselves for even suggesting it!

perhaps they should all send their Fines to you guys and YOU can pay them!

easy solution; 15 yard illegal participation penalty each time--- that will make the fans angry enough at the idiots to stop it.

Until the other teams fans start streaking to get the home team penalties :wink:

umm i heard what he said and it was a 2 second joke. and he even said after i was joking…and cflisbest shutup ur just a little trouble make tht does not know the facts

yea but that will make the stadium(home team) to be more vigilant with security and watcing for behaviour.

...I thought the security was rather tight already at McMahon, but when the police are busy hauling one idiot away I guess there are holes in the armour....can't penalize the home team for the sake of one or two idiots....

Absolutely ridiculous!

did you hear it reider????