Team picks up Halftime Bar Tab

Post of the year nominee here.

#realfans were busy watching the game .

Not all fans had the opportunity to partake in the schmoozfest. I bet at least half of the revellers were on a comp or other freeby…that is didnt buy a ticket.

All fans are created equal just some are more equal than others.

#realfans were walking the concourse .

I'll second the nomination. Unfortunately all too true as well....

I've already complained about this...the black pants.

We have to wear gold if we even want to give ourselves a chance of winning.

I know this has been tracked. What is our record wearing the black pants?

Gold pants are winners.

The Ford Focus is mediocre.

Maybe just to Elitists who prefer the imports?

IMHO this is exactly the issue. Who are the real fans and how do we keep them happy. This has changed with the new stadium. At one point on Sat. we took our grandaughter under the stands to warm up. Everyone was having a great time singing, dancing and drinking. I was watching the monitor and the Cats scored a touchdown. Hardly anyone but me noticed, no cheers, nothing. The focus has changed, game day is a big party under the stands and, oh yeah, there happens to be some kind of athletic thing going on out on the field. There is no need to field a winning team, the party is just as much fun regardless of the outcome on the field. This is just my opinion based on my observations, but I really feel the focus has changed.

Me too!

No problem. As long as these short attention span millenials are opening their wallets to help the CFL thrive.

Just think. The stadium atmosphere would be even worse with only 10000 die-hards in the seats.

Let’s be happy that the socializing concourse people are helping to fund and sustain our favourite football team.

This is my point Krisiun. As long as the bills are being paid by the Concourse Club there is no reason to worry about the on field product. Put a winning team on the field and they wont have to worry about only 10000 fans.

Yeah but in a salary cap era that doesn’t really matter anymore in certain leagues.Gone are the days when a penny pinching, profit-driven Harold Ballard could sign cheap players and still fill Maple Leaf Gardens. Likewise you also can’t BUY championships anymore either like the NY Yankees used to do.That’s why a salary cap was invented to give lower market teams a chance to compete. In these times CFL owners are going to spend to the limit of the cap whether it is a Riders crowd or Argos crowd coming through the gates.

I get it, Crash. Absolutely. I’m not saying I disagree with the nice gesture. I know you can’t please everyone. Just commiserating with the other fans. What can be more rewarding than that, eh? :wink: