Team picks up Halftime Bar Tab

Cool story for those that were at the game.

I left at half time only to hear Ferguson talk about it when I got to my car. Nice move by the Cats but darn.

Nice move, but what about those of us that purchased our beers at the other locations in the stadiums?

Then you're out of luck?

The average CFL'r can't afford to put surveillance on you. Man, even I can't be negative over this story.

just hope it doesn’t put more drunks behind the wheel.

how about picking up the tab for soda drinkers as well. Man would I take advantage of that.

And didn’t we just pick this week to miss the game? Although, if I’m driving, I usually cut myself off at one beer, at the start of the game. Still, good on you, Cats!

Did they pick up for shots and spirits or just for beer? Can you get shots and spirits at the bar? I’ve never been to THF because I have to take care of my 90 year old mother who requires full time care and supervision at home. I haven’t been anywhere in 5 years. But I wouldn’t trade my dear mom for anything!

No, but they could have had the same offer at all canned beer stations.

Great way to encourage their targeted fan base to guzzle those overpriced suds next season. So if you dont go to the bar or have your kids with you then you are not appreciated as much.

For the few hundred that cashed in good for you.

For the rest how about the cool winter gear Lawrence was wearing…free to all.

I bought wine at half time and paid for it myself. Guess it’s just the beer drinking fans that are appreciated.

Sounds like a Mitchell caper. Reward a couple hundred while alienating thousands.

They should reward the beer drinkers.

Those are the people that keep this team afloat.

Then reward all beer drinkers not just the lucky few who had probably been nailed to those seats since the start of the game.

If you look closely at the photo its mostly a young crowd and to be fair they are the future of fhe the team and league in terms of ticket buying. Not sure how much of the game they actually watch.

The over 45 or so crowd are mostly the tv ratings crowd.

It s a nice gesture, a publicity stunt that cost the team next to nothing.

Pity the Cats. Can’t win on the field, can’t win buying some fans a beer. Probably will offend some red-taper at the LLBO as well.

Let’s hear the gripes about the “blackout game? and capes and towels. Just has to be something wrong with that?

Absolutely hilarious to see the amount of complaining over this gesture.

Well the process did seem rather spontaneous and selective to those who got left out in the cold.

Right place, right time.
Any different thab drawing contest winners?

If they tell everyone it’s free beer time, people will take advantage. So this way those that were planning on buying it in that place got rewarded.

I received an email saying I got an extra $10 on my rewards card. Nice touch.

it’s jealousy in this dog eat dog society. Kinda like road rage by those who think they are king of the road.

I can’t believe this surprises you. lol

If the team had gifted a new Ford Focus to everyone in attendance, the responses would have been divided as follows:

  • I’d rather have a Japanese car
  • Why not a Canadian-built car
  • Can I get the cash value instead
  • Bob Young is rich - should have chosen a more expensive car
  • What’s the point if there are not enough parking spaces around the stadium for all of us
  • So unoriginal - Oprah already did this
  • I didn’t attend, but I sometimes do, so I should get a car too
  • In my day, we all knew how to use a clutch
  • Fire June Jones
  • Hey, cool, a free car!

Not sure of the exact proportions for each response