Team Personalities

Do you think the days of team personalities are over in both leagues.

Hamilton was always steel town with a rough tough defense. You needed that in that city. Like the Bears and Steelers in the NFL. Winnipeg always had the great tough linebackers.

Montreal and San Fran were precise.

Lions were built for speed as a dome team in BC

Edmonton was rock solid in continuity and the QB factory. Saskatchewan was built for cold weather with George Reed and for their great Canadian talent.

Maybe Calgary is seen now as excellence. Like Edmonton of the 70's -80's

Personalities change for sure and rapid coaching and players move quickly now. Are the days of identifiable personalities over ( if ever there)?

Maybe like MMA, to win you ultimately need to blend all qualities together? I do think Winnipeg had a distinct personality last year as a two-QB, run-heavy team.

Yeah for sure. But a team personality of days gone by was enduring for years if not decades. Teams traded for it and drafted for it as well. Not so much now, But Winnipeg was very identifiable for those areas you mention and now are seen as stable, highly Canadian , and resilient. AND now a winner. Thats a great personality to build upon.