Team penalty stats thru week 3

Penalty summary following week three in the CFL (Via the CFL)

Cool stuff. Saskatchewan is in a whole other league when it comes to avoiding penalties like procedure. 6 penalties a game vs 13 for Montreal.

Could it be better coaching in Sask?? :?

Could be. Could also be personnel, but it's not like it's a team with no turnover who would be expected to have fewer penalties.

Also could be that they aren't playing as close to the edge. That's a good news / bad news situation. You get fewer penalties, but your opponents may get the jump on you more often than not - when they don't get flagged.

SSK and MTL have both played two games. That's too small a sample size to be reflective of anything. Check back at the halfmark of the season.

Good point. While the early results are interesting and may hint at teams' tendencies, they are based on a small number of games, especially for the three teams that have had a bye already.

Here's hoping that the league keeps this table up to date throughout the season.

The problem with this table is it only shows accepted penalties

Just because its not accepted, doesn't mean they never happened
The picture could be a whole lot different if all penalties were shown