Team parties

Most under one roof right by Waterfron Skytrain station at the convention centre. Great location, great venue! However, the cover charges are a lot higher than I remember from the last one I went to in Calgary. $20 and likely you'll have to spend as much time in line to get drink tickets as you will talking and enjoying yourself. Bloody expensive! Guess I'll just camp out at the Lions Den again this year. The Montreal party looks weak, 3 hours on one day only? LAME.

Regardless, I can't wait! Friday booked off work and as soon as I'm off Thursday, I'm heading downtown! :rockin:

that's why the best Grey Cup Cities are Edmonton, Calgary, Regina and Winnipeg.

they know how to run a Grey Cup Week.

Vancouver is ok but they don't even compare to the ones in Edmonton or Calgary or even Regina.

Wait and make your judgement after next Sunday. The Canucks bandwagon is falling apart again so all the bloody hipsters and yuppies may take notice of the Grey Cup this time.
Besides, an Ackles is in charge, I'm pretty sure it'll be a damn good time, despite the high cover charges which aren't up to him or the organizing comittee.

I always wish that Grey Cup week would really be a week, Monday to Sunday. Not weds or Thursday to Sunday.

Yeah, they're supposed to be doing it next year in Toronto, the full week or even 9 days. I wonder if anyone will care until the people from outside the centre of the universe show up?

As far as Vancouver, it's an underrated CFL city IMO. The Grey Cup will be a blast.

I'm sure it will be! I only wish I could be there. I hope the weather is good 8)

The last time BC ran the Grey Cup it was fantastic, so how about you stop spouting off about things you know nothing about.

It is a shame though that the center's are getting greedier and greedier, we the fans do not want Grey Cup to ever turn into the Super Bowl. Fan's are traveling across the country to get there, how about you don't try to strangle every cent we have out of us.

There are other sports bars around Vancouver who'll have their own thing going on. G-Sport, Atlantic Trap and Gill, Malones, Shark's Club (lousy place IMO) amoung others will certainly roll out the Orange and Black carpet for CFL fans! I know what you mean though about it getting pricy. But the BC gubberment has to pay off that convention centre somehow.

Here's the weather. Before you all complain about the rain, remember Vancouver is in a rainforest, ya can't have a rainforest without rain. Also, it's like complaining that Winterpeg is cold this time of year, it's kind of a given.

Here's what the Bombers are hosting this year:

With the Grey Cup Festival just around the corner, fans are reminded that tickets for Touchdown Manitoba - the biggest Manitoba party during Grey Cup week - will be on sale for at the Bomber Store and the Bomber Store online at until end of business day on Wednesday, November 23rd.

All tickets purchased on line after Monday will only be available through will call at the event. Tickets purchased on site at the Convention Centre will only be available on a first come first serve basis. Touchdown Manitoba is the unofficial kick off to Grey Cup week.

This year Touchdown Manitoba will continue the tradition it has set since 1983 by providing top quality entertainment and fun to all those in attendance. Touchdown Manitoba is also pleased to announce that Vancouver's own Faith & Desire will be the house band while Hot Wax Entertainment will be providing the music to keep the afternoon grooving. There will be the traditional Manitoba social food, a silent auction and special appearances by Blue Bomber Alumni, the Grey Cup, Blue Lightning cheerleaders and much more. The Bomber Store will also have its annual set up for those looking to purchase Blue Bomber merchandise. Also new for this year is a keepsake photo booth and QB Football toss for prizes.

Don't miss out on what is sure to be a highlight of Grey Cup 2011.

Blue Bomber Fans are also reminded that this year is also the first year of the BLUE AND GOLD HOUSE. From Thursday until after the big game on Sunday, join us at the Elephant and Castle on Burrard for your Blue Bomber Headquarters. Great Food & Beverage specials, Blue Bomber Alumni, the Bomber Store. Entrance fee is $5 and space is limited.

Always one of the better parties of the weekend.

Let me add one more name: the Kingston Tap House, 755 Richards Street (between Georgia and Robson), about 4 short blks from BC Place. It was loaded with Lions fans (including me) before the WDF. Very spacious - brick and wood beams etc. on 2 floors w/ pool tables down below.

They have a gazzilion TV screens in the place for hockey and football games. What I liked about it was every screen was showing the EDF from Winnipeg. Not a single screen showing NFL. Now, I an certainly not anti-NFL, but it's nice that they know their customers and the importance of that game.

Yeah, BC usually has puts on a good time. Last year is going to be tough to beat, but it will still be great...heading out in a day.

As far as TO putting it on for a full week...they had better after getting federal funding!

As far as cover goes...20 bucks is a bit high, but you would pay that much for a respectable will likely be the drinks that will kill you...

bring crazy glue...small enough to fit in your sock and you get a great buzz :rockin: (j/k please don't actually do that)

For a good pub with great food, Steamworks which is a short stumble from Waterfront and the Convention Centre is very hard to beat. Right on the waterfront, they're a brew pub and all of their food is excellent. It's cheaper than most places downtown too which is no bad thing.

Glad to see Two For the Show are a regular at most of the team parties. I really like those guys. :smiley:

I have to say I am pretty excited to go!!! Flying out Sat. morning.

Vancouver is one of Canada's most fun cities - if you budget your time and money, and find a liquor store close to where you are staying, you wont even notice the cover charges and beer prices.

Should be a great time! I liked seeing games at the old BC Place, cant wait to see the new-and-improved stadium!

This acually made me laugh out loud!!!!!!

Well done! :cowboy:


Anybody headin’ out tonight? Tonight’ll be a nice little warm up before it really gets going tomorrow!

Was at the Blue & Gold House this evening,and then spirit of Edmonton.. . good times

See ya guys at the pancake breakfast! Beautiful day to talk football and drink!!! :smiley: