Team nicknames

As a refresher for myself (and also to help fans that are new to the CFL), what are the official team nicknames of the nine CFL clubs? These ones are off the top of my head, but I am sure I am missing some.

British Columbia Lions - Leos
Calgary Stampeders – Stamps (I used to see “Cowboys? back in the early ‘70s but it seems to have disappeared)
Edmonton – Esks, Eskies, Green and Gold
Saskatchewan – Riders, Green Riders (used more when there was a “Rough Riders? team in Ottawa)
Winnipeg Blue Bombers – Bombers, Blue and Gold

Hamilton Tiger-Cats – Ticats, ‘Cats, Tabbies
Montreal Alouettes – Als, Larks
Ottawa Redblacks –
Toronto Argonauts – Argos, Boatmen, Double Blue, Skullers

Growing up in the 'peg I recall the team being referred to as the “Big Blue” many times…not sure if that’s still the case.

Most recently, I have heard (in a somewhat confusing “double naming” in the CFL) both Montreal and the Riders referred to as “Dumpster fires”. Not sure what type of nick name that is, but it really doesn’t sound good. :o

For those that are sarcastically impaired … I was poking a little sarcastic fun … relax.

OK. Right back at ya. Calgary Chokers. :wink: :slight_smile:

The Als will sometimes be called in French les moineaux, which literally translates to the sparrows.

Hamilton - - - Black and Gold

A few that I remember but haven’t heard in a while.
Hamilton Hamhocks
Montreal Mooks
Ottawa Double R’s
Vancouver Claws
Saskatchewan double R’s
Edmonton Igloos
Toronto Tugboats
Winnipeg Big Blue
Calgary Cowboys
Sacramento Sludge

For the Argonauts, the correct spelling is “Scullers”, not “Skullers”.

For the rest,I have never thought as a nickname as merely a shortening of the full name.
In the same way that “Dave” isn’t a nickname for “David”, I don’t think Esks, Cats, Riders, Stamps, Argos, and Bombers are actually nicknames.

Larks, Tabbies, Boatmen - those seem like nicknames to me.

Hmm, time some CFL teams had some real nicknames!

(This could get interesting…)

Okay, that's a cool to know.

Thank you for the correction. I actually know that a sculler in rowing is one who propels the boat, so I should have been more careful with the spelling. When I lived in Toronto in the '70s, I vividly recall the radio promos for the Argos on CFRB, where the baritone voice of Fred Locking would intone, "CFRB....the voice of the Big Double Blue."

Mostly recently, I have heard the "Evil Empire" (EE) for Edmonton but I thought it best to make it an official list than reducing this to pejoratives.

Calgary you can simply refer to as “The Best”

Wouldn’t be too surprised if Empire was the actual nickname of Edmonton in another 20-30 years.

I always liked that all the teams had “shortened” names that are used at least as much as the standard names (if not more).

Weird that Ottawa doesn’t have one yet. They had “Riders” and “Gades” but the new name doesn’t really lend itself to one. They probably should have taken that into account when selecting a new name. Oh well.

…the ORBs…

I’ve been thinking the same thing actually.
I like it!

Days of my youth hearing Fred Locking’s voice on Argos broadcasts.
The only time I liked listening to CFRB.

I like it.

Good thinkin’ :wink:

Argonauts = Boat People


Remember when the "Rod Blacks" was a thing? :-\