Team Needed

I'm a new user/longtime NFL fan- looking to adopt a CFL team now that I have access to the telecasts. If you guys would be so kind, give me some reasons why I might pick yours + the reasons why I shouldn't pick another. That should start the fur flying, eh? :lol:

I've been a Bombers fan to some degree the last couple of seasons- swear I'm not on their bandwagon just because they're tough right now... but because I haven't seen a back as fast, that can cut and can make people miss like Roberts does in years. I also like the way guys like Stegall and Canada play. They add some starpower along with Glenn. Great receiving corps, too.

Your input appreciated.

Who do you cheer for in the NFL?

I've been a Redskins fan all my life. I grew up in D.C.., safe to say you probably aren't cheering for my team then as the Stampeders are the Cowboys of the North....

2-0! Anyways. . .

I am from Saskatchewan but I think you should cheer for Hamilton. They have been dead last for years now. That way you can claim to have been with them through thick and thin once they get rolling again.

Not to mention Lumsden is the best kind of RB to watch, IMO. He likes to go right through defences. The shortest distance from point A to point B is a straight line (that should be his motto). Printers is exciting to watch as well, at least he was when he was with The Lions.

That is my two cents. Since my two cents is Canadian currency and our dollar is soon to be on par or surpass the American dollar then it should be worth something.

I would say go look at the individual team sites, see what you like/dislike about each one. Look at the team histories, how many championships each has won, and look at rosters to see for name recognition, players who might have suited up for local college teams in or close to your area, DC. Find a team that suits your interest, say if you like a team that has a winning attitude or if you like to cheer for an underdog, etc. It is possible to enjoy the games and not have a favourite, if you love the league, just sit back and enjoy the games!

Did you know that Mike Sellers used to play with the Bombers? He and Roberts made for a deadly duo.

I wouldn't cheer for BC. Their team is cocky because they won the Grey Cup last season, and their fans are equally arrogant.

You might choose the Al's. They're the only team left from the aborted American expansion attempt.

Cheer for anybody but the Stampeders we do not want a skins fan cheering for them.

Cheer for the Argos! We are Toronto, the biggest and best city in Canada as well as the centre of the universe!

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: Thats a good reason to pick a football team not bad.

I'd cheer for the Riders if you think you'll be alive to witness 2089 :wink:

:lol: :lol: You should explain what that means there RLR. I am sure the rider fans do not know what that means by now.

If you're a Skins fan, the Tiger-Cats would be very much to your liking. Especially Lumsden at RB. Much like Riggins was. Also, in the past they have been a tough as nails mean team so maybe they will get back to that.

All good input- keep it coming, and thanks.

I've seen Lumsden play, Thryllin...he reminds me alot of John Riggins. Unfortunately, I've also seen the rest of the Ti-Cats play and their O-line reminds me of The Little Sisters Of The Poor.

edit- Big U nailed it! Great minds think alike :wink:

So I've seen by some of your previous posts. Good team, though...

Hondo watch this video

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I would recommend the BC Lions. They are reigning champions and severely spanked all challengers last year.

This season they have the most dominating offensive and defensive lines in the league, surely a recipe for success.

The Lions have the best players and the best coaching. It is a team that you could be proud to support.

Vancouver has been ranked as the best, most beautiful and most desirable city in live in the world. So being a Lions fan means you have an excuse to come visit Vanccouver to see your team play!

What is the fun in picking the Best team? Pick the Worst! Pick the Worst!