Team Names.

Because I am a nerd I know dumb things, the Blackhawks got their name from from the WW1 division their original owner Frederic McLaughlin fought in... Which was named after a Native American chief named Black Hawk so you're definitely right but in a round about way... Not sure if he talked to Congress or not but here is a wiki page about him

Also another interesting thing I learned is that they were known as the Chicago Black Hawks for a number of years, but they changed it to Blackhawks to reflect the name of the infantry division instead of the chief directly.

Knowledge is power.

Keep the EE logo.

Change the name to :

Everybody's Enemy. :smiley: :smiley:

Agreed! does anyone seriously think racism or bigotry when they think of sports teams names? most of these names have been around for over 100 hundred years, now all of a sudden it's racism and we have to change the names.

Yeah, the PC police and SJWs need to give it a rest.

They never seem to object to Vikings, Fighting Scots, Fighting Irish, and so forth.

Anything related to fossil fuels needs to go too, Oilers especially, change the name to Deniers please.

I've had enough :

I'm speaking on behalf of the Lions of the planet who can't speak for themselves and they are
horrified at the use of the name that the BC CFL Football team has and is still using, it's belittling
of the name to call men who play a childs game Lions!

Renamed the BC Puddy Tats

As well I'd like to call out the Calgary CFL franchise as the term Stampeders is nothing short of
violent as if to have people and animals stampeded, not to mention the cuelty that goes on to
the animals at the Calgary Stampede.

Renamed the Calgary WildHorses

I'm so glad the Ottawa CFL team has changed it's name, but we'll get to that later. The Saskatchewan
team needs to stop using the name Roughriders as it is a derogatory term to horse tamers and a sub-
section of the male gay community.

Renamed the Saskachewan Chap-wearers

Now we come to the war mongering Winnipeg CFL team the Blue (which is ok) Bombers which is
reprehensible for obvious reasons and needs to stop now!

Renamed the Winnipeg Blues

Now off to Hamilton and their CFL team, much like BC and for the same reasons.

Renamed the Hamilton Meows

And here is the Montreal CFL squad named after a horrifying song about plucking the feathers off of
skylarks, enough said.

Renamed the Montreal Birdwatchers

Which leads us to the Toronto CFL team named after a mythological group looking for the Golden Fleece??
What exactly are we teaching our children here!!!! Gotta go

Renamed the Toronto Universe

And lastly the new Ottawa team named after a group of Lumberjacks, what do lumber jacks do?
They chop down forests, in this day and age unacceptably!!!!

Renamed the Ottawa R's

Now let's play some FOOTBALL??? Ow wait that name needs to change to!
Now let's play some Modern Canadian Rules Rugby!

Are all of you finished with the childish sarcasm? Why can you not just say you have no desire to respect the Inuit peoples of our great white north? That alone would display your low level of empathy you have for them.

Edmonton Edmontonians which makes about as much sense as our Peterborough Petes. Been here for three years and have had Petes seasons for three and no one can really tell me what a Pete is. They've been around for 61 years though.

Instead of replying to 2 posts, I will cover both in 1.


It is not childish sarcasm. We are just frustrated with what is going on.
With the real problems in our society, THIS is turned into a big issue that should not.

The mayor of Toronto decided to pile on after the whole Cleveland Indian thing.
Glad the BJ's are out BTW. Canada's team my ass. They have nothing to do with me.


I am the first one to complain about OT, but I will do it here.

Your comment about the Calgary Stampede's cruelty to horses.
My city does get a bad rap nation wide on this , however :

BS. Please do not let the media do your thinking for you.

The Calgary Stampede has vets on site.
Cowboys take very good care and love of their horses.
They are well fed and have comfortable stalls. ( the horses, not the cowboys )
Plus the Calgary Stampede, donates buckets of money to the local Calgary SPCA.

Just to enlighten you on the subject.

I was joking!!!!! When the Inuit leadership present a petition to the Team and league, I'll take it seriously so until then the Edmonton Eskimos they will be.

The Inuit will not present a petition to the CFL.

They are not the ones upset. It is the Left wing PC agenda crowd. :x

In fact , those speaking on their behalf are more condescending then they are aware of. :roll:

They’re not the ones upset? Perhaps this link will enlighten you.

[url=] ... e27512855/[/url]

Then who cares!!! Until the ones that should be offended, are offended, there is nothing to talk about.

"Petes" represents the nicname of the original sponsoring company of the Peterborough Jr. team. Originally and for many years after their inception in the mid 1950's the team was known as the TPTs, (Toronto Peterborough Transport company) then was shortened to just the "Petes".

Then we need to let it go. It will die off in the off season.

Oh yes Natan Obed. :roll:

With the " Inuit are not mascots " take.

He was the subject of the first time this thread came up.

Other than him, I do not see or hear much from the Inuit.

Perhaps because they could care less.

Inuit call each other Eskimos and blacks call each other the N word but it's not cool for anyone else to. I just made that up but it sounds good. haha. Well I know as far as blacks are concerned they don't like non blacks using it.

Petes had a video during last yeas 60th anniversary about what a Pete was and it was as clear as mud. Anyhow we're having fun supporting this historic CHL team.

Here is an interesting piece of information some people may not know: the Canadian government officially refers to Natives/aboriginals/indigenous peoples as “Indians”, because they are defined as such by the Indian Act.

When I worked for the Canadian government a few years ago, we were all told that we should not ask if a person is native, or any of the other PC terms. We needed to ask, if required, “Are you Indian?”

I am far from being “politically correct”, but asking people this question made me uncomfortable. To ease my awkwardness, I used to say “status Indian”, but was told that this was also incorrect. “Are you Indian?”

But the funny thing was, whenever I had to pose this question, the person I was asking never had a problem with it.

It was just me.

Well they call it Indian Affairs.

Indians come from India.

They need to change it to Aboriginal Affairs.