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More flap again about team names.

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So you want the Eskimos to change their name. Really? How are the Eskimos's disrespecting the name? Are the Toronto Blue Jays disrespecting the bird? Get a life Mr. Mayor!

Oh....and ban the Cleveland Indians from playing baseball in Canada? Nice......lmao....

Below is a link to a list of a gazillion teams with native / ethnic names.

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No disrespect intended to anyone who finds this post offensive.

How about the Vancouver Canucks disrespecting Canadians??!!

I am a Colorado Avalanche fan, and personally I am offended by the team not changing their name to be more sensitive to those who have lost their lives in an avalanche.

That was satire...but goddamn now that I read it, I can easily see some mook using that argument in some form.

Indians, Redskins, gotta go

Eskimos, I don't feel falls in the same category...maybe im wrong if someone wants to enlighten me but Ive never thought of Eskimo as a slur...or blatantly incorrect in regards to the term Indians - that one just blows my mind.

Inuit also refer to themselves as eskimoes. Nothing wrong there.

You would think a mayor would have important issues to deal with.

Tory, shut the F up and mind your own business.

He said , it would send a positive message.

I say the message would be :

Complain about whatever PC issue bothers you and we will buckle under like wimps.

I say let the PC talk the BS. Just ignore them.

Now that the Jays are done, the yatter will disappear and the Mayor can get back get back to some less pressing issues.

The problem I have with changing the name Eskimos, Indians, Redskins, etc. is that there is no clear support for doing so amongst those who are presumably offended by the name.

Absolutely, if there is strong evidence that clearly indicates the Inuit or Native Americans are offended by the nickname, then let's have the discussion. But, it's a bit rich for non-Inuit/non-Natives to tell them they should be offended, so in turn, we all should be.

Don't you mean ban or banned? You might want to work on your literacy before you go showing how backward you are. Are you trying to look both illiterate and backward?

Do you typically show your worst cards to people?

I have friends of Greek ancestry and I am offended for them how Toronto has made a mockery of the Greek culture by naming their team the Argonauts.

The Argonauts are part of Greek literary history and Toronto uses their name in such a demeaning way.

They also stereotype all Greeks with their mascot, Jason, as being big headed and blue faced.

I would like Toronto's Mayor Tory to demand the team changes the name to somethung more appropriate of the city, like the Toronto To Good for the CFLs.

This subject has come up before on this site in regards to the name Eskimos.

Many good comments have been made.

TCHABS, yours is about the best.

  • sarcasm
  • humor
  • truth
  • common sense
  • pointing out the PC double standard

All rolled into one. Well done sir , well done.

:thup: :thup: :thup: :thup:

The original name of the Esks was the Esquimaux (pronounced Eskimo, which was the original spelling and is perhaps more palatable because nobody knows what it means?) They changed their name in the 1930's to the Edmonton Elks (could be a case for animal cruelty?) I guess they could conform to modern standards and become the Edmonton First Nations (just as long as they give them a cut of the revenues. :wink: )

Strange thing is the original definition of the word Eskimo is " eater of meat "

So that could include the diet of the Inuit , polar bear or wolf .

Which would be a cool logo for the Eskimos. A polar bear or wolf head with a football in it's jaws.

I just wonder if Tory just wanted to make his lame case or if he is going to be a pain in the ass and push this.

Is that all you got? One spelling mistake. Lmao.........

Notre Dame- The Fighting Irish....

Not PC ... the term is now "indigenous people"

Blackhawks, but it is actually a compliment for chief Blackhawks who was the only chief to speak to the American congress. I

I just posted in the other sports section about The Toronto Maple Leafs being offensive to other indigenous trees so they are changing their name to The Toronto Leafs and adding Oak, Beech and Birch leaves to the logo. haha.

I've never taken Black Hawks as offensive but I'm not native. Why doesn't Edmonton poll the natives that used to be called Eskimos to see if they find it offensive. Inuit's wouldn't be that dad of a name. EI on the helmet. haha.

Edmonton's New Logo...... :slight_smile:

Just think about it , we could call them the “E” Whites for short or just the “EW’s” :slight_smile: :rockin:

and here would be the new logo for those Edmonton Whitebreads :slight_smile:

This whole names issue is a make work project for the PC Police and nothing else.