Team Name to Come Before 2013 College Draft

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The article is dated March 6, exactly two months before this year's draft. I think it's a good idea to have the team name and identity in place so that the draftees know exactly what they're being drafted to. Even if they aren't able to play for another year.

Could this also be an indication that they have selected their name and are going with something over 90% of the market dislikes?

Your title needs a question mark. There is nothing in the attached article that has anything to do with a date for naming the team.

Sorry; I missed the "branding" bit.

But will that be a complete naming/uniform package?

They won't have a name, just colours :wink:

I see that a North American Indian group in the US is taking the Washington Redskins to court to try to get them to change their name. Apparently they have just decided that "Redskins" is derogatory towards Indians, even though it's a fact they do have red skins. I suppose that they could have a case, unlike other Indian names that depict Indians as strong, brave warriors the name "Red Skins" does not.
Sports teams and especially football teams wanted to portray a strong image, so they came up with names like The Giants, or Lions, Tigers. They came up with Indian names like the "Indians, or Warriors, or the Braves or Black Hawks or Red Skins because they wanted to portray a team as strong, brave and fearless.

Washington is fighting it, because the logo and brand is worth hundreds of millions and the Red Skins are recognized.
A new name and logo is going to cost them a lot of money.

They have been pretty clear that they expect fans will need time to get used to the name and that many will not like it at first. We’ve seen so many suggestions thrown out that the one thing that we can agree on is that there is no consensus. So if it isn’t the “pet name” people have picked, then of course they will be unhappy. But it is up to Jeff Hunt and the Downstream folks to put the name on the path to acceptance, even a begrudging acceptance. (assuming I used the word begrudging properly)

There have been groups lobbying for that change for years. There was a court case launched in the 1990's that actually got the trademark cancelled, but that decision was thrown out on appeal.

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Or maybe the Washington Warriors

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Not exactly "new" news or even a new suggestion.

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It is a “new” news story because it was last week that this went up before the trade mark trial and appeal board and the Native group launched their action against “Redskins” name. That’s why I brought it up, it was all over the news last week and the first time an attempt to put a halt to the “Redsins” name. They could be ordered to change their name THIS week. But the Skins and the NFL may refuse to change it.

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Fair enough. My point was more that we have been down this road before (if you will check the links I posted earlier), even with the point of people suggesting Warriors as the new name 11 years ago (since Snyder already had a trademark on it for a proposed Arena League team). If the change isn't forced this time, then it will come up again in the future.

Maybe a mod could split this topic and put the urelated Washington Redskins discussion in a different section and leave this thread for the discussion of the new team name for the Ottawa team.

Or delete this thread altogether, we already have a few "name the Ottawa team etc" we didn't need this one at all!

( i wasn't sure which thread to post this in, but this thread mentions the college draft in it's title, so i chose it.)

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The Ottawa RedBlacks, at least theoretically, will add up to four bodies to their first roster during Monday's CFL Draft.

Things won't really begin to percolate until the CFL expansion draft following the 2013 season as the RedBlacks prepare to rejoin the league for the 2014 schedule.

But for now, Ottawa fans will have to be happy with some names who won't even be signed for several months -- and may never play a down of football here.

Not to be a downer, in fact there's plenty to be excited about.

There are a couple of Ottawa kids in the mix -- Brander Craighead and Connor Williams -- and both will get strong consideration when RedBlacks GM Marcel Desjardins chooses from a list of Canadian-born U.S. college players (eligible if they started in the NCAA four years ago, but spent a season "redshirted," and didn't play a game).

It's not like it's a bottomless well of redshirted talent. There are only 17 who qualify ... and some of those will never play football again. Unlike the other eight CFL teams, Ottawa, this year only, will not be able to pick CIS or NCAA seniors.

"There are maybe only 12 guys you'd want to draft, so I'd be surprised if we got four rounds," said Desjardins. "I'm pretty even-keeled. I'm looking forward to it."

The RedBlacks -- Desjardins with his football folks, Miles Gorrell and Jeremy Snyder -- have done mock drafts to try and figure out what might fall to them when they pick ninth in each round of the draft. That the RedBlacks will pick last in each round is certainly a head-scratcher, especially given the restrictions on who they can select this year.

"We'd hope we can build a roster where we don't need significant contributions right away from any guys we might draft here," said Desjardins. "It's rare for a guy to step in and play right away."

But the draft is important, nonetheless, serving as a dry run for next season, when the RedBlacks will be a full participant and select first.

It's exciting to see things happening and the team is actually drafting players!!!
Next big event is the unveiling of the name/logo and uniforms on the 2nd of June!

Let’s hope MRX will spend the six bucks in programming to change the name of this forum too.

The Renegade Nation is still going strong and no talk about changing the name yet. Most Ottawa fans are posting there.

Most Ottawa fans got this e-mail from OSEG today:

Dear Fan of Ottawa Football:

We’re ready! The team nickname has been chosen, the new logo has been designed, and we’re throwing the biggest football party this side of the Grey Cup to show them off to you and our other PRN holders. We hope you and your friends and family can join us Saturday June 8th at the Ernst & Young Centre (formerly CE Centre) between 2:00 and 4:00 PM for a kick-off to the great times will soon be having together at our new stadium at Lansdowne Park.

Special guests will include Russ Jackson, Tony Gabriel and Commissioner Mark Cohon. We’ll have a live party band, an amazing photo and video light show, rare artifacts from Ottawa’s storied CFL football past, a marching band, cheerleaders and the ultimate prize…the Grey Cup itself.

Attendees will receive an exclusive collector’s edition gift that we know you’ll want to keep in a special place for years to come, but you must be on site to pick it up. New team merchandise will be available, parking will be free and stadium food and beverages will be on site. So mark the date on your calendar, bring your camera, grab your football buddies and join us at the E&Y Centre for an historic Ottawa football afternoon.

The E&Y Centre is a big place but it does have a capacity, so please RSVP to this email to let us know how many will be in your group.

See you soon.

Your friends on the OSEG team.

I never received an email! And I subscribed to the OSEG email updates and everything.

Was it only for PIN holders???

Is there any way I can get an invite?

Could have only been to PRN holders, I got an email as well.

I can't imagine this event won't be open to the complete public, so I'd imagine you'll either get one soon or OSEG will make a press release inviting the public.