Team Name Change

Time to change our name to the Ottawa Renegades. We sure look like them out there. :o

Sorry, but the Tic-cats look worse.

The D looked pretty good.

Yes, the D is the best part of this team.

Well, personally I thought we played pretty darn good. When you can control Montreal AT HOME they way the Cats did, that's impressive.

I have come to accept the fact that mean ol'bastard Harold Ballard utter a curse upon the Tiger Cats in with his dying breath.

There are no excuses for why we lost last night, or last week. I think we realistally should be 2-2 right now. We should have one against Calgary last week, and we COULD have won last night.

We can't blame bad refs, injuries, opposing teams cheating, lack of equipment hurricanes, Volcanic eruptions, acts of God et al.

I just don't know... :frowning: