Here are my picks for MVPs of all teams:

BC- Brent Johnson
Hon. mention- Jason Clermont.

EDM- Ricky Ray
Hon. mention- Kamau Peterson

SSK- Kerry Joseph
Hon. mention- Fred Perry

CGY- Henry Burris
Hon. mention- Jermain Copeland

WPG- Kevin Glenn
Hon. mention- Milt Stegall

TOR- Kevin Eiben
Hon. mention- Arland Bruce III

HAM- Zeke Moreno
Hon. mention- Jesse Lumsden

MTL- Ben Cahoon
Hon. mention- Chip Cox

Im not explaining my picks, these are the players, in my opinion, that have been the best players so for their teams so far this year.

BC- Joe Smith
Hon. mention- Ian Smart

good picks. but it hink chip cox is overated.

Not sure how Jermaine Copeland is an honourable mention, or how BJ is ranked the Lions' MVP ahead of Joe Smith, Cam Wake, Ian Smart, Jason Clermont, etc. Kind of weird.

They were his picks... Take them how you like. I personally think Sambo's picks are pretty good.

Lions: Joe Smith
Stampeders: Henry Burris
Eskimos: Ricky Ray
Roughriders: Kerry Joseph
Tiger-Cats: Zeke Moreno. Honourable Mention: Jesse Lumsden
Argonauts: Michael Bishop. Honourable Mention: Byron Parker
Blue Bombers: Kevin Glenn and Charles Roberts (tie)
Alouettes: Ben Cahoon

Good picks, Sambo.
I'd move a couple of your honourables up, such as Jesse Lumsden, maybe Clermont.
And I think Nik Lewis should be ahead of Copeland as Calgary's honourable.
For the Rider's, a case certainly can be made for KJ, but I think it should be Dominguez, then Perry.
Of course with the injury, Matt will be out in the final count.
I'm not sure how Arland Bruce got on your list?
Maybe I am overlooking something?
Anyway, TO should get another defencive player--likely a DB.
I think Kevin Glenn is the front runner for league MVP right now, so despite Milt's career accomplishments, and pretty good numbers, you have that team 'Pegged.
Ricky Ray is a lock in Edmonton, and can't ague with Cahoon either.

I think that's all?

Everything else I like! :wink:

Cahoon is an important player for Montreal but I find his play average this season (but he's a great guy to have in a team)

Cahoon is leading the league in receptions is third in yards and you concider that average?

I kinda agree about Cox....He makes a great play and right after, he balances it out with a penality.

Right on ro; Cox has commendable enthusiasm but he gets carried away and it leads him into penalty trouble (same with Ferri). Frankly, I think Drew at the other HB spot has been steadier overall.

Cahoon: Only looks average because he makes difficult catches and critical second-and-long conversions look so easy. Time and again he's been the guy who's bailed us out of a tough spot.

Cox: Agreed that he is somewhat overrated, although still a good DB. He takes at least one blatant PI call per game and can be had on the double-moves into deep routes because he's quite a physical DB. Drew has been the unsung hero of our secondary for quite a while now. You never hear his number called because nobody is throwing his way.

If you look at Johnson's sack total, last time I looked it was at 8, but fans expect that total out of him- to me he is having his usual year- allstar quality. Wake's total is 9, you dont expect that out of a rookie, so its easy to overlook Johnson's numbers. I would agree that Joe Smith is having a great year, but its BC's defense that is making them contenders.

I find him averaged based on what he is capable of. Considering Watkins was injured, I just thought he would do even better than that, since he was like our only good experienced receiver left.. maybe this season he will have a career high in yards and catches, but it does not mean that it was his best season or that he played better this season...That said he has always been my favourite player, so it's not like I'm saying he's a bad player but he's having an average year (FOR HIM) IMO.

Anyways now Watkins is back, and Thurman is getting better and better...The Als offence will be much more stable :slight_smile:

OK I see what you are saying now.

Keep in mind however, it's kinda hard to have a great season when your OC calls 3 yards passes

We'd probably be below .500 without Smith this season, given our injury troubles at QB. He's been the one steady rock in our back-end and given us a chance to win almost every game.

Our D is usually huge but has on and off nights. Ian Smart has been pretty consistent all year and is leading the CFL in all purpose yards.

I'd have to say either Joe Smith or Cam Wake for MVP, Hon. mention to Ian Smart.

Haha, I remember those days...

Are we talking MOP or MVP?

Most Valuable Player.

it shows with his numbers, he catches a lot more pases than any other players... but his total yards is 3rd in the league.