Team MVP?

Without a doubt this honour should go to Tay Cody. He has been the ONLY player on this team who has played at a high level consistantly this year.

The underrated player is Juan Armour, this guy doesn't get mentioned much but he has been solid all year and has a lot of passion for the game.

The special teams MVP is Auggie.

Offensive MVP is Wayne Smith I guess, or maybe we should forfit this one just like the EAST should do this year.

I would suggest that the best ticat this yr has been the water boy

…the fans… (in keeping with the “Fan Appreciation Day” next weekend)


…ok, I’m joking but I really can’t wait until this team kick’s the league’s butt!..and it’s comin’ soon! 8)

There was a period during the Harold Ballard years when the Leafs didn't name a team MVP because the club was so poor. Maybe this is a year that the Cats should take a page out of the Leafs book and wait until there really is a player worthy of being called MVP.

Cody is the best of a very poor lot but is that really what a MVP should be?

An Argo fan

Wayne Shaw...

haha, wayne shaw.

Tay Cody is by far the best player on the team.

Also, how about Ray Mariuz for special teams MVP, or Ian Flemming.

what about hitchcock for special teams,doesn't he lead in tackles.
Tay Cody for defense
Offense im not to sure,how about every fan who showed up for the games through thick and thin,we are the 13th man.

Kevin Eakin!!!!!! For MVP

ya he does carry the clip board very well

I'd have to say overall it's gotta be Tay Cody. We've had a few good moments from other players but he is the most consistent.

Yeah, MVP's a tough call. MVM on the other hand, is no contest:

I miss the MVM.

Top Canadian Ray Mariuz
MVP Tay Cody
Top Offence Player Corry Holmes
Top Defence Player Tay Cody

Who were the MVPs in that 1-17 season? Why not just pick those guys again (whether they're on this team or not)? This 2006 team has been so bad for most of the season that they should be shamed out of naming anyone an MVP. The organization needs to send a message to the players that to be named MVP of this team means something--that they played well every game, that they showed up every game, that they gave a damn whether they won or not, that they cared whether their team mates gave damn or not. No one on this team fits that bill from what I've seen this year.

Save the MVP until 2007.

An Argo fan


if wayne shaw is our mvp...then this must be the worst ti-cat team ever!! :frowning:
wayne shaw is the worst safety in the cfl..BY FAR!
he will be replaced by Gauthier next year :thup:

my vote is for Cody for team MVP!

Has to be Cody. Those licks he put in this year are some of the only memorable moments. I have to give kudos to Flemming as most improved player, BUT, with all those opportunities....I could probably increase my avearge by that much!!!! sad

Tay cody is the only one that showed up.

Filice for best surprise player. :Filled in quite admirably at Centre...

Pseudo wrote:
haha, wayne shaw.

Tay Cody is by far the best player on the team.

Also, how about Ray Mariuz for special teams MVP, or Ian Flemming. [/i

I don't think Ian Fleming has played yet this year at receiver. Unless you mean Pat Fleming.

Corey Holmes is NOT the offensive MVP. What about...Kamaux Peterson!

sadly, kamau is close...

even more sadly, terry vaughn will probably take offensive.... which stinks, because he's definitely not one of my favourites on this team.

(and Cody is a lock for defensive)