Team MOP Candidate

Seriously, is there any doubt? Cobourne is having an unreal season and we do not win games when he does not get his touches. Racking up 200+ yards from scrimmage, over 100 in rushing and receiving, currently leading the league in rushing and in receptions -- Cobourne is doing it all for the Alouettes. That first TD catch last night was as good a catch as any receiver could hope to make in the same situation. The guy has great hands, runs like a maniac, blocks well, never stops moving his legs, and rarely puts the ball on the turf. He is a horse.

I'll admit it: I hated Cobourne last season and wanted him cut. I certainly have egg on my face now, but in my defense, I never saw him play running back until the Eastern semifinal, when he showed me that it wasn't a talent issue, it was a coach issue. Lining up a running back this talented and this driven at LINEBACKER and making him return kicks is just an embarrassing commentary on how clueless our coaches were last season.

Kudos to you, Avon. In my book, you are the team's MOP.

its been a couple years sice you've had a great running back and that is going to win you the east

discipline, once again we are on the same page. Cobourne hadn't impressed me either..........but now he's converted me, and I'm a big Avon Cobourne fan.

Either AC for MOP this year!

Give the coaches some due here. They have made some systematic changes . The offensive line is now better coordinated and should be given some credit for the splendid play of Colbourne.Avon, now given the opportunity he shows he is an all around back with his running, receiving and blocking abilities.
AS an added thought Woldu who was the club's final Canadian draft choice and, his contribution to the tean has to be noted. He is good on special teams and, has shown some good turns when he is called upon to back up the guys who play corner.

Hassall, you are absolutely correct. Vince Martino, Marc Trestman, and Scott Milanovich deserve their share of credit for Cobourne's emergence this year. However, you simply can't anticipate or coach the kind of performances that Cobourne is turning in right now. He is a driven man playing at an extremely high level.

We could actually give out a whole bucketfull of awards at this point.

Trestman for installing an entertaining, exciting, and effective offence.

Martino for doing an excellent job with the O-line which was a weak spot last year.

Milanovich for soaking up Trestman's offensive philosophy.

Mike Sinclair for working wonders with the D line which now leads the league in sacks with but one change from last year's personnel.

Anthony Calvillo for fashioning quite the comeback year.

Avon Cobourne for making believers out of doubters and being on track for a 1,000 yard receiving and 1,000 yard rushing season.

Perrett and Bourke for supplanting Mudge and Fritz and providing excellent protection for AC from the tackle spots.

Chiu, Flory, and Lambert for opening the holes for Cobourne.

Cahoon, Richardson, and Watkins being workhorses in the passing attack, and Bratton and Desriveaux being there when called upon (whatever happens to Thurmon when he is ready is anyone's guess).

Keron Williams for adequately (more than adequately, actually) replacing Ed Philion.

Anwar Stewart for being Anwar Stewart, and finding his game again.

John Bowman for stepping up, and reducing Kashama and Kai Ellis to spare parts.

TJ Hill and Diamond Ferri for making us forget Duane Butler and Tim Strickland.

And, let us not forget...........Jim Popp.

Lots of us dumped all over him last year, and in many cases I think deservedly so, but let's give credit here where it is due. He has done another masterful job as GM.

Look at the stellar talent he brought in this year...Marc Trestman; Reggie Hunt; Keron Williams; Larry Taylor (you just know he's going to break a return sooner rather than later); and the depth he has given us in the secondary, with the additions of Paul Woldu, Tay Cody, Chris Smith, Khalil Carter, and Donovan Alexander.

All in all, it's quite the season!!

Mrs. MadJack and I will be in Montreal for the Grey Cup this year, hope to meet many of you there, as we celebrate together the Als winning the Cup !!!!

Awesome post, Mr. Jack.