Team Leadership

Leif Peterson said the Cats have "zero leadership" on yesterday's broadcast. The panelists (Dunigan, Schultz and Climie) have said the same thing almost from game 1. Desjardins said it on the 5th quarter after the game yesterday (i.e. the team has no hierarchy from the players to the assistant coaches and beyond). He also said on previous occasions that the team lacked any life during practices, in the dressingroom and lacked a sense of urgency during the games---all instances when the team leaders if there were any, would've stepped up. Lancaster said guys like Maas, Vaughan, Ranek, etc. were too new to the Cats to make their presence felt as leaders--I don't buy that excuse but what he is saying is that there was a lack of leadership this year.

I still think the personnel on the team isn't that bad. Mind you, I think the Cats are a few players away but I think one additional area that needs to be addressed is team leadership to get more out of the guys they do have. Please don't trot out old names like Morreale and Hitchcock. They were there and didn't move into the leadership vaccuum. And I think if Maas, Vaughan, et al could've done it, they would have.

An Argo fan

It's Marshall's legacy.

It's the net result of his equality-in-the lockerroom-approach. Veterans treated the same as kids fresh out of MAC?
Any people wonder why Vaughn looks so disinterested?
Why the effort level was so up and down?

The only surprising thing is people are acctually surprised at the state the team is in. The signs were all there LAST year.

The 04-06 Ticats should be a text-book study on how NOT to coach a professional football team.

Zontar, I do not think I have ever agreed with anything you have said on this forum (that may be a little strong)…but you are 100% correct. This team needs to start from scratch with someone that will demand respect, expect performance and tell it like it is. The Winnipeg coach’s inteview at halftime was funny, but he was ticked and knew his team had played poorly and he was ready to kick butts and was besides himself trying to talk to the reporter. The GM needs to get the wheels back on the bus!

You guys are all on target. We need some guys who are willing to give their all for the team, not just through their good play but by diplomatically taking guys aside when their play is down and show them where they're going wrong. Let them know that their mistakes are a severe letdown to the fans and their team mates.

I'm thinking that Maas could have been the leader in the locker room IF he'd played better from the get-go. He never looked comfortable out there esp with Joe P as OC. But I don't doubt he gave his ALL during the games but it's hard to look up to someone who's second guessing himself every minute.

And after meeting him albeit briefly on Saturday ... he's a quiet guy who very obviously can be pretty hard on himself when things aren't going right.

Leadership was obviously lacking ... maybe next year.

My $0.02

The devil has been leading this team all year.

He will be weeded off the team, next year at best.