…This guy is certainly controversial…you either like his style or you hate him…there’s no grey area…I watch things closely on the sidelines and i tell ya…Mike has some kind of relationship with the players that’s solid…Just like his perceived nature by others concerning him…he either likes certain players or he’s got no use for you…One thing that ‘could’ come out of all of this is that IF he can survive…he’ll definitely have the players he wants on the club…Seems that’s what’s been going on with this team since training camp…After the big-blow out, in last nights game against the argos…the team rallied on the sidelines with a big rally and chant…I thought great…this team IS together and here we go…the game is ours for the taking…What did they do…came out and played like crap…This BigBlue of 09 are so hard to figure out…Having a couple of stars chucked like Shabazz didn’t help but the argos lost a few and it seemed to give them a lift…go figure… :roll: Anyway …i hope we can get better from here on in…We can’t play sloppy ball against Hall and the schmoes…They are coming in here hungry…we don’t want to be their dinner…GOBIGBLUE…there’s still hope… :thup:

I see Bombers winning 2 or 3 in next 3 outings, hopefully 3!

I don't know if they played like crap...really Joseph only had one drive on us...If Bernard picks up his block on that punt, the game really isn't close.

I sure hope someone can coach 'taking care of the ball' to Adarius Bowman...love the kid...only 23...playmaker written all over him...just one little bad habit that needs to be fixed...

....well maybe crap is a little harsh.....lets say ....we played not as fantastic...better????? :lol:

No basement this year, wooo.

Too bad Matsakis wasn't running the offense from day 1, his 15 or so plays he added were enough to win the game, think of how many close ones we lost early on.

Too bad he hasn't been...true. But he is now...

...maybe this team is starting to grow into something... :slight_smile:

The most interesting thing I saw was receivers that actually fought to catch the ball. The other guys had just quit on the team. Amazing how good a QB can look when players make plays like that long over-the shoulder twisting catch.


[url=http://slam.canoe.ca/Slam/Football/CFL/Winnipeg/2009/09/28/11164021-sun.html]http://slam.canoe.ca/Slam/Football/CFL/ ... 1-sun.html[/url]

That brawl was AWESOME! glad someone finally knocked a few teeth out of those stupid argos :smiley:
They always try to start fights and punch you while the refs not looking then when your player retaliates your team get's the penalty not the argos.

...Our guys ain't gonna take that 'chippy' crap....Whatever happened to the 'taunting' penalty....Belli was committing that on Bishop from the onset of the game...Michael had the last laugh in any event..but the refs. allowed this one to get way out of hand.. :roll:

I really thought so too. The players were jawing at each other long befor the scrum…refs could probably have seperated them sooner.

Threatening to punch someone if not taunting, should at least be unsportsmanlike conduct. Belli did that more than once. Notice the Argos only get that way when losing !

Only worse thing to finishing last in the CFL is runner up to last. You don't make the playoff and you don't get the top draft pick. Not that it will matter cause TheGuru gave it to the Riders

…So you qualified your own statement…next comes the talking to yourself… :lol:
…Just maybe the Cats and or leos aren’t out of the woods yet in the race for the 'top draft pic;…We’ll see how things shake down after this weekend… :wink: