"Team from East" in trade talks for all-star OL from BC

[url=http://www.tsn.ca/lions-in-trade-talks-on-all-star-olafioye-1.694127]http://www.tsn.ca/lions-in-trade-talks- ... e-1.694127[/url]

Could it be Hamilton?

I'd think it's more likely Popp talking to Wally, since the Blue Boys lost their LT, Van Roten, to the NFL. But, the Cats are looking for guys who can stay healthy and Olafioye has never missed a game* in his 7 seasons with the Leos.
(* Regular Season. I don't know his participation record for the Lions' 9 post-season games during those years.)

B.C. has Olafioye signed through 2018, reportedly for $200K this season and $10K more in '18.

[url=http://www.tsn.ca/lions-sign-lt-olafioye-to-new-three-year-deal-1.422919]http://www.tsn.ca/lions-sign-lt-olafioy ... l-1.422919[/url]

There is no way we could trade for him, That is a pretty big Cap hit at this point!
Ottawacat is right, He will probably be going to the Arblows or maybe MTL

Well a " Team from the East " doing basic math says there's a 25% chance that he could be heading here BUT I'm guessing that he likely turns up in Toronto or maybe Montreal . The Cats have two solid imports in Fulton and Olson on the line already signed up for this season . The other thing of it is that at a $200,000 price tag on Olafioye's services I think that the asking price is too high and the team could do well spending this money elsewhere .

I think that Olafioye is a tremendous talent , one of the best in the league and amazingly durable for a big man playing a tough position . He has never missed a start in his career over 7 seasons with the Lions . Personally I would love to see him in a Ti-Cat jersey but I think he winds up wearing Double Blue trying to protect Ray's ass in Toronto this season . Remember that Toronto has lost starting blindside tackle Greg Van Roten to the NFL in FA and are looking to replace him and Olafioye certainly foots the bill as a more then capable replacement .

I've gotta agree with both Grover and OttawaCat on this one . The smart money here says that Olafioye won't be wearing Black 'n ' Gold this season.

And what could the Args offer in a trade?
They are so bad that they barely have anything other teams would want.

This is Wally probably asking for him for a paycut because of overspending and Oly refusing.
Wally is now trying to trade him, he may get released for nothing, but probably not until after training camp
Hmmmm, $200K, sounds like what Chris Williams just signed for.
A lot of good it will do for BC to pay all those high priced REC's if Jennings gets destroyed on his blindside. :roll:

I would trade Olson, a 3rd and 5th round pick this year and a 2nd next year. Would be well worth it. Olson isnt that durable, and Jovan is a hell of a talent. If ZC even gets a fraction more time this season, our offense will easily be top 3

Olafoyle to Mtl for Foucault ?

We'll have to wait and see which way the pendulum swings on this one.

It's swingin':

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The #BCLions and Montreal talking trade about OL Jovan Olafioye. Work to be done before deal done. #AlsMTL #CFL

That would be a monster trade for the Als if they can pull it off . I've heard that they want to go with import tackles this year on the line and with the earlier trade with us for Simmons they would be set with Olafioye at the blindside and Simmons on the right side . I have to admit that Montreal is putting together a pretty interesting team for this year and IF they can keep Durant healthy and upright they could give us and a lot of other teams trouble this season. Personally I can see a really tight closely fought 3 team race in the East this season between us , Ottawa and Montreal for first place .
As for that other team in the East ? They'll be lucky if they can match their 5 game win total from last season and won't be a factor at all as a guaranteed distant 4th place finisher once again . Book It !!! :rockin: