Team forums now have background logos in desktop view (basic light theme)

i added team logo backgrounds to team forums in the basic light theme desktop view. sorry mobile doesn’t support dynamic background. you may also notice that the team category header colors now match and that team logos are updated. the Ti-Cats forum has a grey cup logo wordmark and gold header color now. also updated the appearances of the Elks, Alouettes and Canadian Grassroots categories. Lions forum has the paw for small topic view logo. post any feedback here. thanks!


I hate change…makes me think I’m in the wrong place.

It took me 3weeks to activate my new Amex card cause I hate change. Lol

BTW, I can’t go to the Hamilton’s site anymore my ball(s) disappeared, it’s the same color as Hamilton’s header

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whut? lol

oh the football? the site link is in the hamburger menu now.

i had to get rid of some of the icons at top because they were screwing up mobile view for anon users

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Just kidding around…but I did notice the football on my avatar blended into the Hamilton’s header

oh that football haha. i can’t do anything about that lol

i’m not super fond of that gold but i took it right off the hamilton ti-cat’s site as one of their official colors.

Hamilton people may appreciate me showing up to their site without my ball


I’ll go ahead and take this one @GridironGirl , and thank you again.

Yes I understand for sure here as well. I am okay when they send you a new card after five years and on time, but I HATE when they send you a new card early and most especially when they do it TWICE.

At such point, well it’s simply not happy thoughts. Change is hard enough, but I don’t like those who force the issue early or are simply tweaking.

Anyway, we digress, these are graphic improvements all the more.


In addition to the Amex card I’m still recovering from having to purchase a new tablet not to mention my satellite provider made me upgrade my set top boxes. The stress of getting old.
I do like the visual changes, just takes me time to get caught up.

Edit except the pink header above :arrow_up:


If you showed up with your ball they would no doubt tell you to take it and go home.


It’s a tough site for sure…but I’ve been good for a year or so, maybe one day l can bring my ball and play nice. :canada:


yea i don’t like it either. i’m going to change it. better, just made it the same as the parent forum news feedback category.


Ahhh, much better, time for a beer now


The idea is good on paper but since the logo is too big I sometime have some difficulties reading the posts. That my be solved maybe by reducing it or move it on the right instead of the left.

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i will lighten some of them a bit a move them around. i can see that a little in the darker colored logos.

i did lighten and move the logo backgrounds around a bit, but i added some whiteness behind the topic text so posts are easier to read.

That works. Thank you.

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