Team formerly known as Swaggerville vs Ancient Greek Sailors

Is this game bringing a collective yawn among the followers of this board? No thread.

Not much of a game, either. The Bombers are killing themselves.

Had to check this out. Like the thread title here too!! Good one! :lol:

Unfortunately the Ancient Greek Sailors are holding sway over the former swaggervillers!! But then what else could we really expect! :roll:

Not much to get excited about here. .as a Cats fan!... or a football fan :lol:

Bummers are making it close,

according to Rod Black, the bummers "are still breathing" and sandro deangelis saves the bombers with his shortest kick of the year......yeah whatever that means..... :lol:

And by the way mark, I always thought an Argonaut was one of these things....

They make for great Cat food :smiley:

Horrid game for the team, no doubt if we were not playing the Peg it would have been another loss. And this one may be the worst of the last three games played. Not to pile on Ricky here, but he showed no spark in the offense out there and like the team is getting also worse. One throw for sure should have been a pick six. Unlike the Cats and some other teams, I don't know why Zach wasn't thrown in there of a few package plays. At least he has some ability to open things up instead of a drop back passer.

The best thing about the lousy season Winnipeg is having is that term 'Swaggerville' has been expunged from existence...

And "Staggerville", has never rang truer!

Oh the irony!

And the Cats had a chance to feast the past two weeks with another feast coming up likely in the playoffs! :lol:

WOW it has been years since swaggerville was here as Odell Willis has changed teams twice since then. I detect that swagerville must have burned your Ticats once too often for you to still be talking about them or your just getting long in the tooth and like to ramble about the past.