Team Environment, Facilities

When New Mosaic Stadium was announced (and during its construction), one of the key themes behind it that was always mentioned was that it would help the club to attract and retain the best talent possible.

Has this been the case this year?

While a new stadium doesn't hurt our recruiting efforts , you just need to look at Calgary and the players they attract and develop with the oldest stadium , I believe it's the coaches , front office and our fan base that attracts players here , that's just my opinion.

Can't disagree with you there

I agree it’s the staff, and the city’s more than the stadium, although the stadium doesn’t hurt their chances of signing players.

Stadium absolutely helps make decisions. There are players on the team that took equal or a bit less and the stadium was a big part of that, or rather the facilities within it. It levels things out because there are a lot of players who have taken a pass on the location in the past