Team Depth

MB says he feels happy with team depth.

While there is no "perfect", the Cats have some issues.

Kevin Glenn is a genuine "starter", but it is a long and frequently brutal season.

I have some hard thoughts about Quinten Porter. He's "big" and he does not read the field well. He doesn't really have "rapport" with any receiver and plainly does not "look" anywhee but where he has already decided to throw or run, let alone his mind is still set into four down football, and that just doesn't get it done in the CFL.

If KG has to sit, or gets injured, QP is not leading this team anywhere.

Adam T "might" be something different. He's impressed me with his play as a back up, ball holder, third and short guy, and has done everything but play downfield coverage on kickoffs. Unfortunately, MB doesn't seem tolike hime, and OB doesn't want to go to the plate for him either.

Big glaring hole, that others will recognise, and try to injure KG, to get past what might be a pretty good team, otherwise.

My cranky old fart thoughts only!

I agree with you in principle, but I think that every other team is on the same boat...I think you would be hard pressed to find any team that would not have a significant drop in talent at the backup QB position. As for other teams knowing this and trying to exploit it, I think that it is every D's objective, whether they want to admit it or not, to knock out (Not necessarily injure) the opposing team's QB...For the very reasons already mentioned.

I can't remember the last time we had a third string QB with the team as long as Trafalis has been here. Me thinks there is a reason for this and Portor will either have to step up his game or step back to allow someone to have a crack at the starter-in-waiting job.

Agree with the all the posts

I have Feeling Adam will get his shot to be #2 this year
Give Marcel Credit He’ll make the change in Time.

This is Porter's last chance to impress. If Glenn gets pulled or injured, and Porter lays an egg, then Tafralis comes in and does well, Porter will be demoted to #3.

We won without Glenn last season and I think we can win without him again. Is he the best QB on our roster? Yes. But the strength of this team isn’t on offense. Defense last year kept us in games we had no business being in and I’m confident if Glenn goes down, the defense and our receivers will be enough to at least keep us competitive.

Also: Porter isn’t THAT bad.

Problem is Porter can't find the recievers and to rely on the Defence is just wrong

Porter may not be THAT bad, but last season he wasn't all that good either. I think he has to step it up and show something this season whenever he gets an opportunity, otherwise he may find himself out of a job. For me the jury is most definitely out as to whether or not he can or will develop into a quality starter in this league.

Well named topic because depth is what we have. I would suggest that Mr. O. has done and is doing exactly what he did in B.C. in that they always seemed to have depth at the most important position Q.B. And if one player gets hurt or is under performing another comes in. If the one that comes in doesn't perform they bring the next one in etc... remember all the B.C. q.b.'s who were given the opportunity to play.

I believe this will be the case this year after working things out last year and in camp this year. I also reiterate my contention that Adam Tafralis is a very good q.b. and maybe he'll get his opportunity to show that a lot sooner than later.

Offense is absolutely our strength. What games did the defense keep us in? I can think of the game in Calgary. The offense kept us in the game in Montreal in October, so I'd say it's a wash. That said, I think we have a very good defense, but just look at our offense; it's loaded! Glenn, Cobb, Bruce, McDaniel, Stala, Mann, and James. Our defense has playmakers too, but our offense is stacked. If everyone stays healthy, this could be an all-time great offense.

Every game Porter started and won was pretty much won by the defence, against B.C twice, Edmonton, Calgary, Winnipeg they played very well in Montreal the first time we played them, a game we would have won if we had any offensive production at all.

Ever since the Calgary game where he admitted he had no clue where to go with the ball he has been that bad, you need offence to win a championship. It's the biggest myth in football that defence wins championships, you also need an offence and history has proven that. Relying on defence for over half the year will have this team in a major tail spin heading into the playoffs.

Yeah, cause you know a great defence allows 28 points (HAM @ BC), and 38 points (MTL @ HAM).
I definitely think Porter is a third stringer for now at least, Adam T. should be #2.

The first time we played Montreal, the defense did play phenomenal, and kept us in the game, I'll give you that. But when you win games 31-28 (BC, Week 2), 30-18 (BC, Week 5), 28-21 (Edmonton, Week 6), and 24-17 (Calgary, Week 12), it's not just the defense. The offense played just as well as the defense once Glenn was inserted. With Porter, the offense did sputter. That's the trade-off with trying to develop a young player. Once that was given up on, the offense lit it up. I think this year -- with more cohesion since Bruce, Glenn & Cobb will be in the lineup from Week 1 -- the offense will be a major force.

Tell that to the Baltimore Ravens, Chicago Bears and Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

The QB who has led the NFL in passing yards has never won the Super Bowl that year. The teams with the best defenses usually win. Look at New Orleans last year. If they don't have that ballhawking secondary, they don't win the Super Bowl.

Look at the turn overs in those games, defensive td's against Edmonton and Bc, goal line stand that won the game against BC, held Calgary to 150 yards passing. Face it the defence kept us in those games and yes they didn't play well in certain games but I think it was because they were so worn out and tired late in the year.

Also, for most of the season the defense was injury riddled -- particularly on the defensive line. Our defense also allowed the fewest points after Montreal and came up big in several games to seal the W.

I'm not saying our offense is bad by any stretch, but it has it's weaknesses. For one, even with Glenn our red zone production was terrible because we couldn't run the ball on short yardage or on the goal line. If they execute there, some of those close games aren't nearly as close.

This is a point I will 100% agree with. For some reason once we get into the 5-yard zone, it's field goal time. It's been that way for years.

Good points.

Secondary should be improved, linebackers are a year older and hopefully ST coverage gets better. I'm concerned about DLine depth too. Hopefully Vega and Steele clear waivers and don't mind haning out on the PR.

Porter is brutal in the Red Zone. While Cobb is great in mid field he doesn't seem to have the same production in close to the wide white line. Maybe Summers has better 'punching' ability.

Let's not forget Setta cost us a couple games last year too.