Team Defensive Grades(Edmonton Sun Article)

Coaches corner


This will stun the fans who have been calling for Danny Maciocia's head at times.

Granted, there have been problems and issues still exist: the offence has sputtered at key times, then there's the Milt Stegall nightmare and the release of Donald Brady.

But the coaching staff doesn't miss tackles, doesn't fail to execute plays in the red zone, doesn't botch field-goal snaps.

And most importantly, consider what this coaching staff is working with: an inexperienced O-line and D-line, plus a retooled linebacking core that is missing two studs.



DE Adam Braidwood

For a rookie, that's a great grade. He still makes rookie mistakes pursuing the quarterback, but already has three sacks without starting every game.


DT Steve Charbonneau

Until Friday he didn't have a sack this year.

He does lead the line in tackles, however.


DT Robert Brown

A major addition to the D-line, with six sacks - triple his amount from last year in Montreal. On pace for 12 sacks. Nobody on the Eskimos last year had more than 10.


DE Andre Sommersell

A rookie learning the CFL game, he only has two sacks. But he has plenty of potential.


DE Antico Dalton

Someone to watch in the second half of the season - has played great the last three weeks, flashing great speed and awareness for the ball.


LB Singor Mobley

Answered the challenge from head coach Danny Maciocia in training camp. Has played hard throughout the year even though he's been hurt.


LB Quincy Stewart

The coaching staff feels he has done everything that has been asked of him - and he has been put in a tough position replacing A.J. Gass in the heart of the defence.

But, unfortunately, he's not an impact linebacker, like so many CFL teams have.


LB Gerald Dixon

Considering he's learning a new position and replacing stalwart Steven Marsh, that's not a bad grade. Should only improve.


DB Malcolm Frank

Was badly burned by Geroy Simon for a 37-yard touchdown on Friday and would love to have a chance to tackle Milt Stegall again on the ugly 100-yard TD in July.

But other than those two plays, he has been dependable on the corner for nearly every other play this year.


DB Keyuo Craver

The best cover guy in the secondary, Craver did make a costly mistake by not properly defending Stegall on the heartbreaking game-winning score on July 20 vs. the Blue Bombers.


DB Shannon Garrett

Has been flagged four times for interference in nine games.


DB Reggie Durden

Repeatedly burned by Chris Brazzell on Canada Day for the worst performance by any defensive back this year and racked-up six pass interference calls before being benched at the end of July.

Too early to grade

J.R. LaRose, Randy Spencer, Roosevelt Williams