im sick of reading in the paper how this guy is cut and that guy and these guys wont be coming back!!!! i want to see action i want to see some action to get getting this team going for the year with wins.
TI-CATS 4 LIFE!!!!!!!!


Cats have brought in...and its only Feb.

Maeko, Atnas WR
Birungi, Ivan WR
Setta, Nick K
Bisaillon, Nicolas WR
Sutherland, Chris OL
Sanders, Claude DE
Glavic, Sasha DB
Hogarth, Peter OL
Alston, Richard WR
Devlin, Brian K
Moreno, Zeke LB
Nattiel, Michael LB
Postell, Malcolm LB
Jackson, Jamacia LB

Plus brought in,

Butler, Ian QB
McKay-Loescher, Nautyn DL

I seem to recall that there is a maximum number of players allowed on the roster (thus the reason for Lapointe retiring in Montreal). That being the case, how do you expect them to bring people in unless they get rid of some of the guys on the existing roster??

lol dude chill out, u clearly dont know wut ur talking about, the cats r doin a fine job. releasing plays to free up sum money to bring in other players, we knew both of these guys ability to play and quiet frankly, it wasnt good enough. by letting them go we have an oppurtunity to get better players here and it free's up some money too.(also they were both injury prone al last season) so jus chill bud things r gunna turn around in may

I feel that the team has really begun to show that there is a steady plan in place and that there is a goal that Charlie and Marcel are building towards!!

Go Cats Go!!

I want to see action, too, but I think I'm going to have to wait till June @_@

While i wouldn't say they're doing a fine job yet.... i would say they know what they're doing and am willing to trust management so far

Marcel has never been 'the man'

who holds the final responsiblity
for making player decisons, Esp.

We can only hope that time will prove
that he knows what he is doing.


In terms of the seriousness of Tim Cheatwood's injury,
Marcel knows more about than we here on the website do.

If its action you want go back to this time last year. It didn't work out. I'm willing to wait and see who gets cut from other teams. There will be a lot of good players looking for a job.

Teams are slowly starting to do what Marcel did weeks ago (Troy Davis released). We are in a position to sign players that these teams are releasing.

Hamilton gets to lead the league in something. :lol: