team Commitment

Can some one tell me why it is an owner says he wants to improve the team and money is not a concern yet we get rid of players left and right and all you here from the GM is it was for financial reasons....Hmmmm

SALARY CAP... say it with me


who ever said money is not a concern?

If you go over the cap by $300,000 you end up paying an extra $900,000+ on top of the cap.

Bob young said he wasnt going to worry about spending the money to make things right this time around

i guarntee if we had the same players as last year to start this season with a whole new coaching staff, we would be with at least 7 or 8 wins

....rumour in 2006 was that the Ticat org / team actually had the highest payroll in the CFL.......and look at the result.
If you pay the BIG BUCKS and results don't happen I can't blame them for trimming it to or even below the cap to "give 'er another try".!!!