Team colours

Hi there 'Cats fans from BB fan

You may not agree with this, and I'm not going to check back on the comments.
You see that picture of #14 on today's front page of the CFL site? That is the colour your team should adopt instead of the yellow that your guys wear now. Make it a shade brighter and you have a real winner. I've never seen a yellow cat but I've seen lots that are yellow/orange in colour.

Cheers Steeley Dudes


Heck I say just use the retro jersey all the time, they look nice. :thup:

Tigers aren't yellow, even if some are called as such -- it's shades of orange and gold involved. LOL :wink: That IS the premise to start off with.

I would prefer a dark gold a la the unis of the 60s and early 70s. We shall see.

Oski Wee Wee,


I agree with your comment about colours. I wouldn't mind seeing the yellowish orange helmets again with the Tiger-Cat logo on it too. Speaking of uni's...the BB's looked a lot more trenchant in the designs and colours of Brock's and Dunnigan's uni's. Nowadays, the gold in the helmet has changed but not for the better I think.

I agree 100%. I've always loved the striped sleeves. And the orange-yellow colouring is excellent. And despite it's simplicity, I loved the TC on the helmet. (Not that I would go with that all the time). But an excellent Retro/Alternative helmet.

I agree. The uni's of the 60s-70s were fantastic. Gold helmets, gold pants with no stripes. Simple, classic, the best. Use the tiger logo on the helmet most of the time, the TC occasionally.

Well, a letter to the editor submission in today's Spec doesn't agree. He thought they looked like hand-me-downs and outfits used by teams in a bush league and should not have been worn on the biggest game day of the year.

Me, I love the retros, wish they would or could wear them all season. If nothing else the team seems to play well when wearing them eh?

Love the helmet and the pants. Love the black, retro gold and white. Simple is better. Best uniforms in football. Especially under the lights of a night game. Just need some black and gold stripes on the socks.

8) Yeah, I read that letter in the Spec also, and got quite a chuckle out of it !!
 That guy was probably was not even around back then, to even appreciate those old uniforms  !!!  <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: --> 

 I agree with you "Matelot", I love the retros also !!   Especially the helmets !!!

 Heck, I even thought the Argo retros look great  !!!