Team Canada

Who would play on a Team Canada, if there was one?

Jesse Palmer

Running Back
Jesse Lumsden

Chris Szarka

Ben Cahoon
Paris Jackson
Jason Clermont
Nate Burleson (NFL)

Offensive Tackle
Nick Kaczur (NFL)
Gene Makowsky

Offensive Guard
Dan Comiskey
Scott Flory

Bryan Chiu

Defensive Tackle
Doug Brown
Rob Meier (NFL)

Defensive End
Brent Johnson
Israel Idonije (NFL)

Javier Glatt
Kevin Eiben
Mike O'Shea

Davis Sanchez
Patrick Dorvelus

Imokhai Otogwe
Richard Karikari

OJ Atogwe (NFL)

Jon Ryan (NFL)

Sandro DeAngelis


What about Vanderjagt as the kicker?

Cahoon is not Canadian.
He is a non-import but not Canadian.

then winning these awards is even more impressive

CFL Most Outstanding Canadian: 2002, 2003

He wasn't born here but I think he lived here at a very young age so the CFL considers him a Canadian by their standards.

"nationality is established at birth by a child's place of birth (jus soli) and/or bloodline (jus sanguinis). Nationality may also be acquired later in life through naturalization."

He's Canadian

He went to school here so he has non-import status.
They do call it most outstanding Canadian because Most outstanding non-import sounds dumb.

Bottom line however is he is not Canadian

So if I have 2 Indian parents who move to Canada to give birth but move back to India immediately, and I live there for all my 40 years I am more Canadian than somebody born in a neighbouring country who lives in Canada their whole life? :lol:

Yes you are right but Cahoon was not born here.

What does that matter?

He was not born here. nor has he acquired citizenship!
Therefore he is not Canadian

what if you're born on an airplane?

Not after last season!

Obby Khan should be the center. But seriously thats a bad list I could come up with a better one.

Obby Khan plays Guard.

He plays center.

What do you mean what does it matter?
You said if you parents come here, you are born here and they move back, you would be Canadian. I agree with that but Cahoon was not born here. He was born in the US so that makes him an American. He did live here but he never applied for Canadian citizenship so he is not a Canadian.

If you are born on an Airplane you get citizenship of the country of the airline.

For football purposes, he is Canadian. Enough said.

non-import! :wink:

Tastes great...

Oh, sorry, wrong debate...

Cahoon is, as ro points out, a non-import, but he is not a Canadian citizen.
Or to put it another way, as we are naming "Team Canada", when the Olympics make NA Football a medal sport, he would be eligible to play for team USA, but not Team Canada.