Team Canada women world football 2022

Canada beats Germany 1-0 in a little tournament called Arnold Clark Cup.

You could have least said soccer and where and possibly the other 3 teams and that are the inaugural tournament

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aw shoot, I meant to say soccer

I also mean this topic to cover other games this year. Like the 2023 world cup qualifiers this summer

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anybody else watch todays game, and pre game, from bc place. Great celebration of both Sinclair getting the record for most goals in international play, men and women, and Stephanie Labbe retiring. Great game as well.

Looking forward to Monday nights game

great game today in first round of concacaf championship group stage.

It was against a weak opponent but still fun to watch them control the game and score 5 goals.

today our women were robbed by a phone penalty call.

once again second place to USA.

They are already in the next worlds. Now the got to play a home and home against Jamiaca for a spot in next Olympics.

I didn't get to see most of the game, but the highlight packages seemed to show the US had the vast majority of scoring chances.

An analyst felt it was a soft call, but felt that even if it went to a VR to review, it would have been a penalty. Incidental contact with their feet, but the Canadian player had her arm extended out to the US player. Although it doesn't look like much, the analyst felt it was enough.
The ladies are going to the World Cup. And next year, they will have a game against an opponent they should be able to beat to get back into the Olympics.

The analysts are just trying to be diplomatic about it. The slight touch did not do anything and the player simply took a dive after taking a step.

Yes the US team outplayed Canada, but it was still a BS call and a lousy way to lose.

our ladies beat the Aussies 2 times over the last week. It was Adriana Leon 3, Aussies 1

and this with 5 regulars out with injuries. Lots of young talent coming up