Team Canada women gridiron football 2022

The women's world championship runs this summer in Finland, starting on July 30.

Here are the brackets:

I hope we get to see some of these games streamed online.


Didn't know there was such a championship, cool! I wonder if Canada will host one at some point, or have we already? I bet some of these gals are tough cookies.

Cool thanks for sharing. Im going to go see a Montreal Blitz game this year, looking forward to that. I've never seen woman play football, however, I have seen them play rugby and I can guarentee there was no holding back on the field, they hit hard and fight for that win!


The women's national team has been conducting tryouts this weekend in Ottawa.

At 1PM EDT, there's going to be a Red-White scrimmage of national team hopefuls.

Here's the link to the stream of the game:

There are links to the roster lists here at Football Canada, but unfortunately the lists don't show where each player is from. I would've liked to know which province each player calls home.