Team Canada = GOLD

I don't know about you but I feel most patriotic while watching my country win gold.

Congratulations to the world junior team and a hell of a game by Pogge, Downie, Staal, and the rest of the Canadian team.

I love hearing the national anthem after a Canadian gold medal.

all of louis bar stood up when the anthem played. woooo. good job boys.

It was a great game. Way to go CANADA!!!!!

caught the score on CBC and CTV, Congratulations Canada!

Congrats for sure, Canad's team played a perfect hockey game...
They took the pressure from a great hockey team, and produced on there scoring chanches.
Whren they came out and rocked the all fell into place...
Job well done, by everybody involved in the Gold run...

Wasn't this team supposed to like...suck?

Not relegation suck, but like...not medal suck.

F-ing American netminding can't cover the goal for poop.

Hopfull there will not be another scam like this was last time with the pairs FS.

I predict that Canada will beat the USA in hockey again in both mens and womens.

I also predict that Australia will get a few medals.



We're not talking about the olympics, we're talking about Canada's win at the world junior championships.

ah, but you guys will definaly be the team to beat at Torino.

.......SteveO you are correct, this team was not supposed ot contend for a medal this year round due to it's inexperience and age (oldest guy I think is 19, rest are 17/18 )........Sutter told them at the beginning I will train you to be Gold Medal Champs, the rest is up to you guys.......but they were supreme underdogs going in.....US, Russia and Finland were pegged to be Gold. Silver, Bronze with Canada finishing fourth or a huge win for them no doubt.......

......oh yeah, what a game, some of the hits in the first period were unbeleiveable.......I feel badly the Russian goal wasn't allowed, but it looks like the ruskies understood the problem with the rules and lived with it.......they had their chances too but Pogge was a brick wall......way to go boys....

.....and only one returning player, Red.....that's huge.....I don't necessarily think other teams were pegged to be physically better than the Canadians - just more experienced.....that Malkin is friggin' fantastic, though.....can't wait to see him play with the big boys.....

.....and Red, you should know you can't use a number 8 with a ) turns out to be a 8).....hehheh....nice edit job, though.....

.....sidenote - anyone else find it slightly humourous that the Canadian goalie's name is pronounced "pogey"? Just a thought.....

....had to edit that one.....forgot about only one returning player too jm, good point......

They played an awesome game, and they came out hitting hard.
A well deserved win!

I liked Pogge, but now he is part of the dispicable and hated maple leaf organization. They ahve both him and that Finnish goalie.

I hate the leafs, so therefore I now hate Pogge.

They weren’t supposed to suck they just weren’t favoured to win. US was supposed to be first with Russia second and Canada third.

It was great for sure and the fans in Vancouver and BC really supported it. I just hope though that cities like London that have nice 9,000 seat arenas won't be shut out in the future for holding the WJC and instead only NHL sized arenas get it here in Canada. That would be a real shame. But I fear this will happen as money might rule the roost on this one.

I agree he's very tainted now which I find just sad. A great goalie like that going to an organization like the Leafs, almost makes me want to cry. I guess that will be his last win for awhile because I don't see the Leafs winning in the forseeable future, they're just not a winning organization.

How bout the two of you stay with football, k?

you can see that this topic is about hockey so why even come in here to read about it? All forums deal with off-topic discussion, including this forum, but what's different about this forum is it doesn't have a separate area to do that so all off-topic conversations are done on the main board.

I think he is a Leaf fan roughy. I don’t think he was happy with you and Billy trashing his leafs!