Team Canada entry in the NFL

The NFL should expand by one more team to 33 teams.

Team Canada should play in the NFL and play their home games in multiple cities in Canada. For games late in the season, Team Canada would play at BC Place.



Interesting, reminds me of The Brier and Scotties where there is a Team Canada team to go along with the provincial teams.

Just give the CFL winner a wild card berth ..... if we switch over not advocating for it before someone jumps on me .

When they get better The Europe FL winner a wild card berth ....

If they really want to call themselves world champs let the world play ....... .

Sounds like team BC. And how would it be decided what players they could have? Who would own them and pay them? Who pays the cost of converting multiple venues to US fields? Maybe an interesting concept but practically impossible.

The team would be stocked with players just like any other NFL expansion team in history. That means the only thing Canadian about the team is the red/black maple leaf on the red/black uniform.

It would be NFL rules on a NFL dimension field superimposed on an existing CFL field, etc.

The team would play in Canadian cities without a roof until the weather gets bad with the last 3-4 games of the regular season and playoffs played in BC Place.

The players would be virtually all American and be restocked over the years with the same ole NFL player draft and trades.

And like I said before, the only thing Canadian about Team Canada would be the location of their home games and their uniform and logo.

Ok. But since the going estimate of an expansion franchise all in with a stadium is at least $2 billion, how will this be possible? And that is for one stadium. It could be billions more to build or retrofit stadiums across the country to meet NFL standards under your plan. Really can’t see it ever coming close to happening.

It's a starting point.

Team Canada in the NFL would schedule their games around the CFL schedule. For example, if Team Canada played in Toronto during a weekend, it would be a given the Argos would be on the road that weekend, etc.